Beach Bag Memorial Day Beauty Essentials: Life Is All About Fun!

Beach Bag Memorial Day Beauty Essentials: Life Is All About Fun!

When we hear the word beach, the first thing that strikes our mind is SUMMER! Summertime is all about nurturing the wild and energetic side of yours by hitting the beach by the Memorial Day weekend. It is all about setting yourself free. Oh wait, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your skin, hair or makeup. Giving up on these won’t really make you feel good with just soaking under the sun, you will only feel good with the healthy and glowing skin and hair altogether.

Waxing, Manicure and Pedicure, Swimsuits aren’t just enough. It’s all about the Beach Bag essentials, the large yet not so large bag that you need to carry with yourself to the beach.

Necessities that are to be put inside the beach bag:Beauty Essentials 2017

1. Sunscreen: This is something a woman always need to carry with herself be it to beach or just a day out at work, an everyday need. But when it comes to beach, it is one of the most essential thing cause it not only protects your skin against the UV rays but the SPF that comes in every sunscreen keeps the skin soft and tan free especially while being in swimsuits so much of your skin is open to sunshine.

Suggestions : -Juice Beauty SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen, Biotique Sandalwood SPF 50+ Sunscreen.

2. Detangler (Comb): Women have curly, straight, half curls – half straight, wavy types of hair, and once you take a dip in the ocean, you know how hard it gets for the hair. Later you will have to make separate sections of your hair and then detangle them equally, A real pain. This also leads to hair breakage and damage. But if you carry a detangler with yourself that will help you flexibly work together even towards the unruliest hair with their large tooth’s, A real boon.

Suggestions: -Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

3. Hair Spray: These are the kinds of hair spray that come with some extra nutrients for your beach hair, helping them to shine a little more and protects them against the sea water keeping them tangle free. That extra shine under the sunshine will be a perfect match along with the beach body.

Suggestions: -Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray, BBLUNT High Definition Curl.

4. Lip Balm: How to keep the sexy lips forever sexy even under the splash of beach water and a sun on the top. Lips tend to dry out fast and you cannot sit there with a lipstick in hand applying it time and again. You need to make sure they remain protected just like everything else(your body). For that you need a water proof lip balm that will make sure your lips are soft and protected.Beauty Essentials Cosmetics

Suggestions: -ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner, GG Dermatology Balm.

5. Eyebrows: Your well-done eyebrows need to stay in place and look that much extra beautiful, that they change your look completely. When hitting the beach a water proof eyebrow gel is of great help to give your face an instant look.

Suggestions: -NYX Professional Make-up’s Discreet Eyebrow Gel, Milk Makeup Gel Brow.

6. Books: Definitely yes! A good read is a must when you hit the beach, it’s just not about the sun soaking and dipping by the ocean, it’s about resting on that beach chair with your perfect tanned body along with a good book in hand.

Suggestions: -The awkward path to getting lucky by Summer Heacock, A house for Happy Mothers by Amulya Malladi, From Rockaway by Jill Eisenstadt.Beauty Essentials

7. BB Cream: Sunscreen will not do enough justice to the pretty face, a BB cream once applied after the sunscreen provides the moisture your skin certainly needs and also the healthy complexion to your skin tone. It basically acts as your skin corrector.

Suggestions: -MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm, Pond’s BB Cream.

8. Oil Blotting Sheets: The extra amount of oil your skin has or grows due to the heat is what needs to be eliminated keeping your skin dry and look hot. Keep the best quality oil blotting sheets with yourself to wipe away the oil ensuring you don’t look like a complete mess.

Suggestions: -E.I.F. Shine Eraser, MAC Blot Film.

Lastly,we would like to say don’t dump the plastic water bottles on the sea beach itself. Instead carry glass water bottles with yourself, they look classy as well. Make this day a memorable one along with being healthy as well as beautiful. Keep it simple, minimal yet fashionable and worth capturing. Moments like this don’t knock your doors pretty often.

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