Best Plus Size Work Clothes for Women To Look Wonder

Best Plus Size Work Clothes for Women To Look Wonder

Many plus size women think that they have no choice left for elegant office wear just because of their bigger size. Like, you have plenty of fashionable plus size clothes collection for evening parties, weddings, birthday parties and even for casual wear, plus size work clothes are something that gives you an array of choices to wear for your office.

The main purpose of introducing different styles and designs for office wear is to keep plus size women from getting bored of dressing similar outfits every day to their workplaces.

An outfit, whether casual or formal, can be a game changer and can add confidence to your overall personality if it fits your size, needs, and preferences.

You have also found that women below size 12 have a huge collection of stylish clothes which they can choose to wear on different occasions. They can even try different styles in the workplace. On the other hand, plus-size professionals are forced to wear a few selected clothing styles for their office.

But, it is not anymore.

Fortunately, a wide range of plus size work clothes is enough to impress others in the professional meetings, boardroom and beyond. Now, you can create a week-long wardrobe with exclusive workwear clothing collection by simply mixing and matching what you have.

We are here to make your weekdays easier with a unique style.

We know it might be difficult for many of you to find quality clothes with stylish and modern designs in a plus size. In order to ease your searching process, we would like to share some trendy tips that can be adopted as your plus-size fashionable work wear.

Flat Front Style

It is one of the preferred styles that make you look thinner than your size, an option of slim dressing for plus size women. The flattering pants give you an additional style to minimize your curvy look. Such pants have a flat front which is capable of reducing those broken lines across your stomach, thus makes you look slimmer.

Flattering pants have one to two inches wide waistband that adds style to your office wear selection. It is so because narrow waistband may divide your stomach curves and may not look good. The wide waistband is chosen for this flat front style to hide that tummy bulge.

A slight flare helps in making your hips look slimmer and complements your professional look as well. You can choose a shirt or formal blouse with this flattering pant.

As it makes you look slimmer than your actual size, such pants have long been preferred by many plus size women for their office wear.

If you want to rotate different pair throughout the week, you can think of wearing flattering pants not only to add style to your plus size work clothes collection but to gain compliments for flattering your figure.

Modern Business Suits

A solid black business suit, a combination of shirt/blouse, trouser/skirt, and blazer, is in demand from last several decades. To give modern look to business suit, different patterns and texture have included, adding something trendy to your collection.

Now you can invest in a range of colors to maximize your existing pantsuits and skirt suits options as the best plus size work clothes. Also, you can mix and match different outfits to design an exclusively different combination for your daily office wear.

Plus Size Business Suit

It is recommended to wear dark colored suits to hide your bulges and to make you look thinner than usual. Additionally, they also give a sense of strength and professionalism.

As suits come in different styles and shapes, be sure to choose one with the cut perfect for your body type. You can experiment with different cuts, but there are some which may not complement your body perfectly.

Hip-hugging suits with pencil skirts might not be good for you if you have huge hips. Such suits may highlight your huge hips and may not go perfectly with your overall look. Else, go with the selection which is not so hip hugging.

You can even choose a light colored top/shirt with a dark colored suit and vice-versa to give a distinctly different appearance than your normal routine. It cannot be ended here when a scarf can give you the best idea to change the entire look of the outfit drastically.

Trendy and Formal Skirts

No doubt black skirts are definitely a hit, but many of you might be got sick of wearing black or grey to the office. There are great colors, patterns, and styles available at the moment to suit the full-figured professional woman.

If you want to try something more than your usual professional suits, you can go for trendy and formal skirts with different professional blouses. Who says you to wear a suit every day to your office, when you have plenty of alternatives to maintain that professionalism simply by trying some different combinations?

Plus Size Formal Skirts

You know what? It will work for all plus-size women with varied needs and choices.

You can look smart and stylish by ditching those traditional suit patterns with a little bit of creativity to work for you.

High-waist pencil skirts look more elegant than asymmetrical designer skirts, that suit perfectly to all body frames and shapes. Such skirts help in creating a slimmer waistline along with narrowing the hip region.

It can be your perfect plus size work clothes when teamed with dark-colored close fit jacket or coat, where it works extensively in enhancing the overall look of your office outfit.

You can choose from denim to cotton skirts, but make sure it provides you great comfort for long hours in the office by keeping the fashion quotient intact.

Jackets & Blazers

Jackets and blazers can also add style to your personality. Whether you choose a jacket or a blazer, it can be paired with professional pants, trousers or skirts depending on what style they have.

Plus size women with heavy and bulky shape can choose long jackets that come below their hip. Such kind of jackets helps to cover that part of your body which if displayed may make you look heavier.

Also, make sure to choose the one that gives you a sleek look, as too baggy jackets are not a good idea for figure-flattery.

Plus Size Jackets

Another choice is a tapered jacket that will always work to shape your waist.

For winters, if you want to switch to cardigans and sweaters to beat the cold weather by keeping your professional look, choosing a soft blended knit ensemble gives you the perfect business wear. They can easily go with formal pants and skirts.

No matter what you choose as the plus size work clothes, simply ensure your outfit fits comfortably.

Shirts and Blouses

Your heartbeat will stop when you will find a huge collection of shirts and blouses designed to fulfill the purpose of plus size work clothes options.

As we have discussed earlier that dark color clothes make plus size body to look slimmer, so shirts and blouses with thick color will not only help in hiding those extra curves but also go perfectly with any skirt and pant style.

Plus Size Shirts

If you are going to wear a business suit of black, grey or any dark color, wearing a light color shirt or blouse will not only look great but enhance your clothing style as well.

Button-down shirts are not an ideal choice for busty women, as they may create gaps between the buttons due to body curves. So, always prefer to wear a shirt or blouse whose material stretches, thus allow your curves to move without gaps.

Choose a shirt or blouse that does not show cleavage, which is not taken as a professional attitude.

Be sure to choose the color and pattern of shirts and blouses that coordinate perfectly with the rest of your outfit. Wearing an outfit entirely of the same color may not be appreciated by others; also it would never complement your body shape. So, go with mix and match to wear new combination each working day.

Simply Adopt New Style with these Guidelines

Apart from the above tips, we would also like to share certain guidelines to change your mind for your existing clothing style.

  • Button-down shirts are something which is avoided by many plus size women. You can wear it, but make sure to choose the right material and design details that complement your curves. Wear such shirts under a jacket or a blazer to reduce the appearance of your chest.
  • It’s not bagging clothing that makes you look bigger; instead, it depends on fabric selection that makes you appear larger or slimmer. You can choose a fabric that follows your curves, but at the same time, it should not be clingy. When you do wear bagging jacket or sweater, simply team it with fitted pants.
  • If you are a plus size woman with a smaller bust or heavier bottom, the Empire waist should not be your selection, as it clearly draws attention upward and focuses on the waist. In that case, you must steer clear of the style, where sometimes it may give you maternity look. This is the reason, plus size work clothes, like skirts and pants, are to be chosen with waistline style.
  • Always wear that works for your shape. Never opt for one based on the latest trends if it does not suits your size or does not look perfect as your office wear. Instead of wearing something just because it looks awesome on your colleague is not a good practice at all. Try to go with different styles of plus size work clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable.
  • Plus size women are often seen avoiding clothes with stripes, as they do not favor their body shape. Now, many designers are coming forward with their new designs where they use asymmetrical stripes to make large body size look smaller. The thinner stripes make you look slimmer than thick stripes; the same applies with the dark background with light colored stripes. So, choose the shirt with stripes accordingly.

Where to find plus size work clothes?

Finding quality fabric and elegant style for your office can be a tedious task for you, especially when you have a wide range of brands available online. Now, you do not need to shop in regular clothing stores where you find a limited collection of clothes for curvy and full figured women.

The fashion world has changed, so the shopping style has also changed to meet the needs of people with different choices and budget.

No doubt, in larger cities, you can find clothing stores with plus size specialty, but still, most of the people do not want to go out into traffic and search through a variety of plus size work clothes with a hope to get that perfect outfit for them.

These brands and countless online shopping stores provide you an opportunity to make an investment in high-quality clothes for everyday work wear collection from the comforts of your home.

They help you to build a wardrobe with different office clothing styles so that you can mix and match them depending on what you want to wear for your workplace.

Like if you have 3 suits, 2 trousers, 3 skirts, and 5 formal shirts/tops, you can make 75 different combinations and enjoy going to your workplace with a new outfit for almost 3 months. These combinations are worn without repeating even a single outfit.

Always keep in mind that rightly chosen plus size work clothes have the power to present your professional image without making a hole in your pocket.


Instead of doing workouts and eating rightly, it is better to select something impressive for your office to ditch those unwanted curves of your body. Simply, choose the right style and be prepared for compliments.

Hopefully, this article, with different plus size clothes ideas and a few new styles to follow, will save you from stressful shopping, when you already have ample of options to choose from.

Our purpose of sharing information will definitely help you to get numerous plus size work clothes combination ideas to prepare yourself for the weekdays. We are sure; you will never go wrong with your new dressing style.

Dress appropriately and give a stylish look through the working day.

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