Expert Guide For Slaying It In Style Post 50

Expert Guide For Slaying It In Style Post 50

Gone are the days when ladies were required to leave the style arena on crossing over the age barrier of 50. Modern times demand for greater versatility in fashion which can suit all age groups with equal grace. You can take the example of Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek, Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry all of whom continue to present us with timeless style goals. Just like wine, a woman aging gracefully gets better with time. And coupled with our expert tips, you can make the most of your age as we present you with a plethora of fashion options.

* To start with, you need to realise that your goal here is to dress in a manner which looks elegant rather than trying to fit into something which would have suited you 30 years back. You need to create the right blend of charm and grace with proportionate drizzles of wit, sass and spunk. Having some wardrobe basics can serve as a potent first step towards your fashion game. You also need to develop a clear understanding of your body type as that might have a crucial role to play in determining the pieces which will flatter your body.

fashion tips for ladies over 50

* You need to have at least one conversation starter dress in your wardrobe which can be worn to special occasions if you wish to stand out of the crowd. You can think of a knee length sheath dress with short sleeves and tapered waist. Lace overlay can serve as a great option as its frilly top layer smoothens away bumps and lumps in your figure.

* A wide leg straight cut pant can bring along supreme versatility as it looks flattering in almost all figure types. It is advisable to match the color of your shoes and pants as that creates an illusion of elongated legs while making you look slimmer at the same time. You can opt for a straight leg crepe pant which will impart a petite shape to your physique while smoothening over all bumps. It is also imperative to undergo the ‘sit down’ test in your dressing room prior to taking the final purchase call.

* Prints can add in a new feather to your fashion game as long as you keep your entire look sophisticated and in harmony. In spite of most prints being regarded as daring, you can take your pick amongst the muted tones as it tags along an aura of grown-up glamour.

* Adding a dash of color to your wardrobe is extremely vital as long as you wear it in style. You are bound to be spoilt for choice if you are an avid lover of colors. If you are not in the mood of splashing color in your entire apparel, then you can proceed with a hint of the same in a stunning and slouchy kimono-style jacket which can look elegant when worn with black pumps and cigarette pants. A coat or jacket in any bright hue can serve as a stand-out piece for turning heads in a special occasion. You can also team up the same with t-shirt and jeans for a casual brunch.

fashion tips for over 50

* Rather than the staple blouse cuts, you can opt for a V-neck one having bow tie detailing for a dash of elegance. Ruffled blouses are also very much in vogue amongst fashionistas of all age groups.

* Owning a well-fitted jacket can keep your back at all times whether you wish to step out with your besties or attend a corporate meeting as it looks effortless when teamed up with a pair of jeans. However, you need to ensure a perfect fit to your body for garnering accolades from the fashion police. The lapels need to be thin and long having not more than two to three buttons. A jacket length of up to the hip or mid bottom can suffice most body types. A proper fit across the shoulder is also crucial for pulling together your entire appearance. If you are not very confident about your shoulder posture, then you can readily opt for a jacket having slight padding around the shoulder.

* You can bring in your originality by layering your look with accessories which can make you look chic yet classy at the same time. This serves as an intelligent means of adapting to the hottest new trends without having to sacrifice on your personal style. You can take the example of backpacks which have toppled over the realm of being a student attire for entering into the must-have list of fashion stalwarts.

* Just as your hair has started greying, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to start wearing ‘man shoes’ for turning your feet into mini canoes. A large number of stylish yet comfortable options are available in the shoe market spread across low wedges, ballet flats, kitten heels and many more. Some online portals will even allow you to design your very own style by mentioning the heel size.

* Rather than sinking inside oversized and baggy jumpers which can enlarge your frame, it is advisable to opt for a classic cashmere jumper which fits in correctly. You can take your pick amidst the timeless hues of cream, camel and soft pink while choosing one for your wardrobe.

* Even if your underwear is not meant for public display, you need to be equally attentive to the same as wearing an ill-fitting underwear can make you feel uncomfortable and leave you with marks and bumps all over.

* You can never be old enough for not wearing a jumpsuit as this is one such attire which looks equally graceful on all age groups. These stunning and comfortable apparel options can take you anywhere from cocktail parties to a casual brunch. You can even team it with a tailored jacket for rocking a date night in style even when you go to the venue directly from your office.

Although the style statements of women over fifty was limited to mother-of-the-bride and covered-up looks, modern day ladies are not thinking twice before stepping in the risqué sexy territory. The best thing about fashion is that it is not limited to just those people who can afford splurging on labels. Style does not come with a price tag. Rather it comes with avid creativity which can be nurtured in the presence of accommodative fashion. Style also cannot be limited to just one thing such as a shoe or jacket. It is more of an all-encompassing phenomenon whose presence can be felt in women belonging to all weight, age, height, shape and size categories. And the one thing which is common in all these ladies is the free-flowing confidence which provides them with the desire of breaking boundaries and taking the world by surprise.

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