Fashion For Women Over 50 – Stay Stylish at Any Age!

Fashion For Women Over 50 – Stay Stylish at Any Age!

Most of the women over 50 get themselves out of the fashion world with the thoughts – What people will say? How their older skin and body will look when they wear stylish clothes? How will they handle taunts from other people? There are several questions that mess up their mind and take them away from being stylish like they were in their young age.

All women over 50 must agree with the statement that age has nothing to do with style. No matter how old you are. By keeping a style in an appropriate manner can flaunt your look sensible without making it complex.

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that body, fashion and lifestyle change over the decades. So, why to take stress when you have great choices to feel, think and look younger than your age.

Simply forget the rules that people follow for their specific age group.

We have come up with few guidelines regarding fashion for women over 50 that will help you to look energetic, smart and youthful.

Let’s have fun with your wardrobe and style.

Get Perfect Jeans for a Casual Look

The biggest pitfall for most of the women over 50 is the wrongly chosen casual dress. A nice pair of jeans can enhance your entire look, so make sure to pick the one that best suits your body, size, and appearance. Now, it has become easier to get a flattering fit from the huge collection of jeans designed for every body type.

fashion for women over 50

Avoid jeans with tears, holes, and embroidery. Take the time and try different designs and styles for have an impact on your body shape. Never buy skin-tight jeans, cargo pants or 100% cotton denim as they are not considered as the perfect fashion for women over 50.

Skip High Heels and Get Right Pair of Shoes

If you have been stuck to high heels or stilettos for decades, now it’s the time to switch to something new that looks perfect with any dress. You can get wedges and boots to team up with the right look. Opting for small heels for the evening parties can have a hot flash. Whether looking for a pair of shoes for professional, casual, or party look, you must have something chic and comfortable for your feet.

fashion over 50 boots

It is better to get something which can go-everywhere without looking awkward.

Good Haircut and Color

Getting older is a hard-hitting reality to accept. Great haircut and hair color can make a great difference. Obviously, hairstyle you did in the 30s or 40s will never suit you in your 50s. You can add layers or angles or change the hair length to give a new style to your decades’ old hair look. Adding a soft fringe of bangs can work in hiding wrinkled brows and sagging jowl.

fashion over 50 casual

To hide your grey hair, if you want to color your hair, make sure to go for shades lighter than your natural hair color. Very short hair or hair with no move is outdated. Long and shiny hair can also be added as the fashion for women over 50 to have a sophisticated look.

Embrace Light Colors for Makeup

It can be hard for many women over 50 to step out without makeup. They must know that properly done makeup can enable you to look young and fresh. This is what you always want to view in the mirror. Gone are the days when you never go out from your home without colorful and heavy makeup.

Always do soft and subtle makeup that goes a long way. Now, say no to heavy foundations and lines of blush as it may make you look tan. Also, avoid overboard eyes with dark colors. It is advised to choose lighter eyeshadows and shades of lipstick.

fashion for over 50's ladies

Evening Look for Women over 50

Whether you are going for a party, evening get-together or for a night on the town, there is no wrong to choose dress instead of trousers or jeans. Floor-length to knee-length and in between, is somewhat always considered as the ideal fashion for women over 50.

A black dress always looks perfect for an evening out. Also, you can opt for a pencil skirt, which is versatile and universal satisfying too. Make sure, it should not be too tight or restrictive. Pairing it with wedges, boots or even small heels can add a complement to your style.

Focus on Clothes Fitting

Simply focus on fit. No matter what your size, height, and shape are. You will only look best in your clothes if it fits you correctly. It may outburst your overall style or appearance if your clothes do not fit you properly from certain areas. It is better to try it once before finalizing your clothes for outerwear. When something is found wrong, get them tailored to enhance the appearance of your outfit.

fashion over 50 tips

Always remember that fashion for women over 50 can never be scored due to the absence of properly fitted clothes.

Accessories to Complement the Outfit

Accessories are always fun for women of all ages. Go for the classic structured bag as an accessory to complement your outfit. Such bags never go out of style. Also, the scarf is something that can go with any outfit. It can be tied at the neck with a formal outfit.

Make sure to wear jewelry that matches the size of your features. Also, do stick to classic jewelry.


Hope, these tips will inspire you to be fashionable in your 50s. Now, fashion for women over 50 would not be a daunting experience when you have a range of options that target age groups. With the right clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup, age is just a number.

Whenever you step out, do not forget to wear your confidence up your sleeve.

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