Fashion Tips To Keep Your Style Wheel Churning Post 40s

Fashion Tips To Keep Your Style Wheel Churning Post 40s

Congratulations on making it to the fourth decade of your life. You can definitely be termed as a seasoned player by now as you have already seen innumerable trends come and go by in the world of fashion. There was a time when you could have been more adventurous in terms of your fashion sense. But now is the time to take more informed decision if you wish to keep your style game top notch. Today we are going to take you through a few pointers which can be of great help if you wish to win over the world with your fashion forward nature.

* Plunging necklines would have looked great 20 years back. But now it’s time to bring along more elegance by highlighting your clavicle with a boat-neck or off-shoulder silhouette rather than strapping on a push-up bra. In this way, you can blend in the dual attributes of being both sexy and sophisticated without coming off as being either too-vampy or completely buttoned-up.

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* Your friends might advise you to eschew those stylish stilettoes in favour of garden shoes or flats given the obvious comfort factor. But you need to understand that you will actually be bidding adieu to style by doing so. In such a scenario, you can search for a common ground with sensible heels which blend in both style and comfort in a sexy frame lined at just two to three inches above the ground.

* Unless you think of Sarah Jessica Parker as your ultimate fashion role-model, it is advisable to stay away from light-coloured denims as that can make you look pudgy or dated. A fitted dark-wash denim on the other hand can bring along a super slimming effect and are easier to team up with the rest of your wardrobe.

* We are not asking you to swap every single floral piece in your closet for solid colors but the latter is any day much more elegant compared to the former. Neutral solids such as white, beige, navy, brown and blacks can also be easily accessorized and re-worn in numerous manners.

fashion tips for over 40

* Turn-up collars and turtlenecks can serve as a great way of covering up the wrinkles in your neck and draw in attention towards your face. It can also serve as a great option if you are searching for something for being worn under your office coats along with a string of pearls. As an alternative, you can focus more on your shoulders and legs as they are the least prone to getting all wrinkled. Well, we are not asking you to wear micro-mini skirts or hot pants, but an elegant pencil skirt can just be your thing for rocking that kitty party in style.

* Wearing light coloured tops can instantaneously brighten up your face. You can take your pick between ice blue or shades of pastels such as peach, pink or beige.

* Rather than blindly following trends, you should try to pick out garments which can enhance your style drive. You can easily take inspiration from B-town celebs or Instagram fashionistas but the final call rests solely on you regarding how you wish to craft your look.

* The power of layering has been accredited to fashion gurus around the world for turning simple silhouettes into much more visually stimulating and complex forms. You can also layer your garments for diverting attention from your problem zones and towards your gorgeous features which you wish to flaunt like a boss.

* You might feel terribly tempted to splurge your kitty on the gorgeous strapless mini-dresses of Forever 21 now that you can actually afford the same. But you need to understand that your shopping niche has changed substantially and you need to ring in more sophistication in your dressing.

* Strange as it may seem, menswear can actually look good on your now. The tiny knitting of women’s wear might not be sufficient for accommodating your sagging bust. But the warm and slouchy knits of menswear can come to your aid in such cases whether you opt for collared shirts having leather covered buttons or chunky cardigans. You can also team up the same with a silk slip dress or plain blue jeans.

* Makeup has a big role to play in holding your entire look together. Thus, if you are still using the same makeup palette which you used ten years back, then it’s time to invest in a new one which can cater to the changing requirements of your skin.

* Last but not the least, you need to break free from the constant pressure of looking young and age gracefully. Age defying merchandises are plain marketing gimmicks which try to shatter our confidence levels. Thus, you need to embrace your actual age as that can bring along an ethereal sparkle like none other.

By the time you reach the threshold of forty, you become well aware of your body type as well as the problem areas which you need to hide. Thus, you will have to focus mostly on those areas wherein you wish to conjure the strategic illusion of having more curves through clever use of styling techniques and colors. You are bound to feel much more confident wearing a garment which flatters your body shape and emphasizes on your best assets.

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