Fitness Tips For Working Women To Stay Fit and Healthy At All Time

Fitness Tips For Working Women To Stay Fit and Healthy At All Time

There was a time when women were considered as indoor beings who had the sole responsibility of looking after her family and providing for their food and comfort. This thought process has undergone a paradigm change in modern times.

Modern day ladies are handling both home and work front with equal panache. However, this role reversal is causing a large bulk of women to become the victim of a poor fitness regime and obesity. Towering stress is preventing the millennial ladies from indulging adequately in physical workouts and entrapping them with a sedentary lifestyle.

Striking the right cord of harmony in between personal and professional life as well as diet and fitness is extremely important but equally difficult. That is why we have collated the top fitness tips for working women which can bring them back on their health track over time.

Having Healthy Breakfast On Time

Our breakfast has a huge role to play in determining our daily efficacy. This is why fitness tips for working women make it mandatory to include glucose and fiber component in the same. This helps in retaining energy for taking on your daily activities in a seamless manner.

Cutting Out Junk Food

Maintaining an adequate level of fitness for working women is extremely essential and for that you will have to cut down on your consumption of oily and junk food. In spite of being extremely tasty, they contain a low nutritional value and can even prove to be harmful for your immune system and daily exercise routine.

You can replace them with healthy snacks rich in calcium, protein, minerals, fiber, carbs and fat. This can both reduce your chances of falling prey to various diseases and even assist you in maintaining a proper weight.

Indulging In A Healthy Pre-Workout Snack

A pre-workout snack can fulfil the fuelling requirements of your muscles to keep you going throughout the whole session. If you are running late for the gym and don’t have time to prepare healthy snacks, then you can munch on sugar-free energy bars prior to workout. These bars are rich in fiber which pumps-up your energy level. You can also opt for a banana as it is very filling and can also cater to your energy meter exceptionally.

Abiding By A Structured Exercise Plan

Creating a structured exercise plan comprising of simple walking and running, and following it daily can slowly tone your body. Women need to exercise for three hours every week for attaining their ultimate fitness goals. Having a proper fitness plan in place helps us in staying motivated and focussed. Being optimistic and continuing with the same over the long-run will slowly usher in positive results.

Stretches are extremely important for inducing energy into our tired muscles. You can engage in the same even while taking short breaks at office. You can create an exercise plan either by yourself or by seeking out the advice of a fitness trainer.

Adequate fitness for working women can be maintained by taking out just 20 minutes from your regular hectic schedule. It also pays to start your day with a warmup routine as that can keep your body buffered from the risk of succumbing to injuries.

Hydration Is The Key

Another important fitness tip for working women is to stay adequately hydrated round the clock. Our body loses out a bulk of its water content through urination, sweating etc. It thus becomes imperative to replenish the water content for ensuring proper running of various bodily functions.

Chances of dehydration accentuate during summer months and you can tackle the same by keeping a water bottle handy for taking frequent sips.

Never Over Stress Yourself

Fitness tips for busy women list out regular exercising and dieting as a pre-requisite of a healthy and happy lifestyle. However, you should not impose excessive strain on yourself while doing the same. Just like over-exercising can tire out your muscles and trigger cramps all around your body, extreme dieting can make you feel demotivated as you constantly yearn for your comfort foods.

You can thus prefix the duration of your training schedule or maybe the number of calories which you want to burn on a particular day. Working on the same can yield great results in due course.

Having A Workout Buddy

One of the most tried and tested fitness tips for working women is to have a workout buddy for making those training sessions more fun as well as fruit-full. If workout sessions seem boring, then you can ask your partner or friend to come along and enjoy the session together. This can keep you motivated round the clock and push you a step further towards attainment of your end goals.

Weight Loss Should Not Be Your Ultimate Focus

Weight loss needs to be just a small part of your overall healthy living program. According to fitness tips for busy women, focussing just on the weighing scale and trying to reduce the numbers can cause you to gain more pounds. Your ultimate aim should thus be to stay fit and healthy by practicing the right form of exercise and adhering to a nutritious diet.

Tracking Your Heart Rate

Women can workout with ease provided their heart rate remains between 75-85%. Extremely low heart rate indicates that you are not completely utilising your potential. The opposite is indicative of the fact that you are exerting excessive pressure on yourself. This is why it becomes necessary to keep a heart rate monitor handy or carry out a manual count during workout.


Women tend to make various mistakes like starving themselves and scheduling workout plans which do not cater to their health metrics while trying to stay fit and healthy. One of the biggest fitness tips for busy women is to maintain a balanced diet rich in different forms of nutrient and match it up with regular workouts.

Fitness is something which cannot be achieved over the night. It requires substantial time and patience on the part of the women. However, the end results are definitely worth the wait.

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