How To Become A Fashionista?

How To Become A Fashionista?

You don’t need a fancy degree from a college to become a fashionista. All you gotta know and understand is being yourself. You’re unique and that should show as you dress up for any occasion. When you dress up and check out your own self in the full-sized mirror of your room, a different person gazes back at you and you love that new and beautiful you. So, learn how to be more confident in your own skin.

Be smart about your shopping

You’re one among those million people who just can’t stop the urge to go shopping. You gotta be smart about it as you have a fixed source of income. How To Become A Famous FashionistaDon’t be one among the herd, try to stand out. You don’t have to buy something just because a store has a midnight sale or your friend has a cute pair of heels. You got to chalk out what you need and from where should you get it. You have many options apart from pricey brands. A lot of apps sell the same outfits, shoes or accessories at different prices, make sure you’ve made a thorough decision before you buy it. Every city has open markets or boutiques that sell pocket friendly clothes and are great to look at.

Be an artist

Everyone is an artist. All you need is a little inspiration. With the advancement in today’s world you can follow world renowned designers, celebrities, bloggers. Try to get ideas about what is in trend, what is no more a hit and recreate your own style. Put a spin on the same idea of dressing you saw your favorite celebrity in and try to look confident and hold your head high as you walk out of your home.

Don’t be scared to experiment

This article is going to remind you over and over again that you’re not one among the crowd. So, be a trendsetter. When you read a lot about fashion and keep a journal about the latest trends. You’ll have a working knowledge about the dos and don’ts. When you try to follow the general population’s outfit it will never help you set trends.

The bare minimums

Your closet might be stuffed with way too many clothes but if you lack the essentials to pair it up with then you’re in neck deep trouble. Rather than buying a lot of fashionable stuff spend some money on neutral or muted colors.

* A pair of black or suede boots, heels and flats.

* A well fitted pair of pants.

* A camisole for your buttoned-down shirts.

To Become A Fashionista* Cardigans, hand-knit sweaters, jackets, cropped blazers and turtlenecks.

* A pair of black leather jacket(must have).

* Printed scarves.

* Belts that go well with your cardigans or dresses.

One dress, many ways

There are too many ways to wear a particular outfit. You can pair your clothes in different ways and add texture and uniqueness to it. Patterns are a big hit and they turn your casual outfit trendy and fashionable. You should maintain the balance between classy and simplicity.


Good clothes are okay but when you don’t accessorize your look with the right accessories it fails to create the impression you need.

* Earrings in silver or golden look classy.

* A funky silver necklace for your casual clothes.

* Hats are a big time hit and make you look very classy.

* Watches. Casual or Formal attire watches in different material really add the look to your clothes.

* Clutches. Sling bags. Oversized shoulder bags are a must have for both your essentials and fashion statement.

* Scarves. In different prints and patterns for your monotonous or bland clothes.

* A good hairstyle to compliment the shape of your face and bring out your features.


A woman can never own enough number of shoes to satisfy her undying love for them. The variety in which they come is awonder in itself. Choose your shoes wisely and pair them well with your clothes.

* A pair of stilettos in black, beige and red.

* A pair of suede or tan ankle-length boots.

* Flip Flops and sandals.

* Ballerinas in animal prints and neutral color. Also own a pair of pointed, ankle-strapped bellies.

* Sneakers in white.

The most important criteria to be a fashionista is being you. Be comfortable in your own skin and treat fashion as an art and yourself as an innovator.

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