Learn About Clothes And Shoes That Work Together!

Learn About Clothes And Shoes That Work Together!

Your hand reaches out for those same old grandma shoes every-time you go out. Give those shoes a rest and learn what to wear on different occasions to amp up your look. So, don’t ignore your feet as they are a crucial part of your everyday look.


You’ve the perfect dress to rock the party you’ve been desperately waiting for. Elegance isn’t quite complete without the right pair of shoes.

* When you’re getting ready for a party you need a pair of heels to cast the look you’ve in mind. The color of the heels depends on the dress you’re planning to wear. Clothes And Shoes BrandsWhen your dress is casual and of a lighter shade then wear dark colored stilettos or vice versa. You can go for contrast or even similar tones.

There can be so kinds of parties. Evening parties, formal occasions, night outs or an office party.

Dress accordingly for each one.

* If it is an office party, you can put on red stilettos with your regular black and white clothes for that zing and sass.

* One among those many girls who can’t bear the pain of stilettos? Then switch to flats. Black pointed bellies can be your savior.

* For your evening get together you can choose sneakers or even wedges. Shoes with designs and prints on them will look beautiful as well.


When you think about shoes, you think about comfort. If your day is all about running various daily chores then make sure you put on a pair from your athletic collection. These shoes are great to provide you the support and comfort. Head out in your tracks or sweats and finish all your work.

Know all about heels.

You can never have enough pair of heels. Heels in black, red, yellow, blue, magenta, pink, crimson and so on.

1. Pumps.

They are a perfect match to your everyday clothes, giving you the perfect look of being a woman. They cover your feet except for the top. The different materials they come in are a wonder. So, choose your wedges with different patterns, designs, height and material. You must have a pair of these.

* Pumps in leather.

* Pumps in suede(black or brown).

* For a party you can wear a pair of pumps in tan or nude color.

2. Ankle-Straps.

The style statement these shoes create are beyond words. They can turn any outfit into something amazing. If you’re not sure whether you can carry out high heeled ankle straps then don’t worry they come in flats as well.Clothes And Shoes Boutique

3. Stilettos.

The king of all heels, “The Stilettos”. It’s height, sleek and magnificent look can give it all the points it needs to earn full marks in the fashion world. It will make you look elegant, sexy and glamorous beyond words.

* They go amazing with any party. Formal or casual.

* You can wear them to office for a powerful impact to your clothes.

* Own a pair of black and red stilettos for every occasion.

* Lighter shades of stilettos will look great too with casual or party clothes.

* You need to buy a pair of printed stilettos.

It’s turn for the flat ones.

The pain and pressure heels put your legs through, you definitely don’t enjoy that. If you stumble rather than walking confidently in heels, then ditch them. Pick up ballerinas, sandals, flip-flops, gladiators and Birkenstock.

* If you’re going out for a stroll on the beach or meeting a friend for coffee then go out in a pair of flip flops.

* Gladiators and Birkenstock look great too with any casual dress.

* Pair your jeans, shorts, skirts or summer dresses with sneakers. They are comfortable and will give your feet a great look too.

* For your office, you can wear gladiators or even ballerinas.

* Bellies are extremely chic and trendy and go well with almost every outfit. Round or pointed fronts, they come in too many designs, colors and prints. So, bag the look today.

Shoes give your look the oomph factor it had been missing. Pair your clothes with the right shoes and complete the look you’ve been aiming for all this while.

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