Nail The Game Of Being Accessory Savvy With Sunglasses

Nail The Game Of Being Accessory Savvy With Sunglasses

There’s probably no better way of adding suave to your look than teaming your outfit with the correct eyewear. Sunglasses form an important piece of accessory, and when worn correctly it can make you look both chic and sexy. A little knowledge can help you go a long way, and it’s the same when it comes to fashion too. A few tips about teaming eyewear and accessories will prevent you from creating any major fashion faux pas. Too many accessories will make you look like junk, the trick lies in balancing the different accessories.

A classic fashion piece

Irrespective of the season, sunglasses are a must for protecting the eyes from the harsh sunlight. It also adds a touch of opulence and elegance to the look, while keeping it toned down. It is one of the very few accessories that can be worn with probably anything and everything. Your sunspecs, bags, shoes, outfit, accessories, everything is important for making you look trendy. Sunglasses Fashion 2018Being a must-have piece during summers, it remains to be a fashion statement across the year. However, it is not about wearing any kind of sunglasses with any accessories or outfits you feel like teaming. There are certain tips that will help you in nailing certain types of looks and save you from the embarrassment of committing a major fashion crime.

Extra-large glasses

Large, glamorous, bright sunglasses are in, and they add a touch of glow while providing maximum sun coverage. Wearing a sunglass is not enough to appear fashionable, for that you also need to pair it with the right accessories. One of the most underrated yet utterly glamorous accessories that can add the required oomph to any look is hats. Hats are basically icing on the cake or the bow on presents; it completes the look and helps you in looking fashion forward. The combination of sunglasses and hats are perfect for informal day wear, especially during summers. Wearing a hat of a neutral shade with any boho-chic outfits, maxi dresses, knee length dresses, or simply tanks and shorts and teaming it with an oversized eyewear will make you look uber chic.

Vintage piece

There’s nothing trendier and in-style sunglass than the classic Wayfarers. While the sunglasses somewhat disappeared in late 1900’s, it made a revival and a strong comeback in the 2000’s. It has been in trend since then but is now being appreciated more than ever before, for the eyewear adds a vintage touch.

Wayfarers are a statement in themselves, and avoiding any pieces of jewelry with these sunglasses is best. Bags are perhaps the most used, overrated yet purposeful and possibly the best accessory ever. One of the worst possible fashion crimes one can commit is to think that pairing any bag with any outfit is fine. Bags are an important piece of accessory and can make or break any look. Wayfarers are completely in trend, and it goes mostly with formal and semi-formal outfits. For looking fashion forward team, a laced white shirt, with a solid tone flared formal pants. Team this outfit with a pair of wayfarers and a graphic large tote.Sunglasses Fashion Trend

Knowing what works together is a must

Winters are just around the corner and you need accessories that serve a purpose and make you look accessory savvy. Scarves are not a piece of clothing, it is an accessory and is possibly the only item that can be teamed with any outfit. Scarves and sunglasses look perfect together, it’s like the match truly made in heaven. Scarves and sunglasses can be worn with dresses, tops, shorts, maxi dresses, jackets, jeans, and probably everything. There are obviously certain looks that will not go with this combination, like formal wears or cocktail dresses. This combination is perfect for regular everyday wear, and while sunglasses offer your eyes a bit of relief, scarves protect you from the chills.

The process of teaming sunglasses with other accessories decides whether you’re accessory savvy or accessory challenged. Even if you’re not great at the accessory game, keep trying and you will nail it one day after repeated trial and error. Even the drabbest outfit can be transformed into the perfect treat for the eyes, by pairing it with the correct accessories. The foremost rule you need remembering for being accessory savvy is trying out different things, basically experimenting. Make a small wardrobe dedicated solely to accessories and keep adding pieces to it that you like.

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