Some Tips To Choose The Best Bridal Lehenga!

Some Tips To Choose The Best Bridal Lehenga!

A bride always wants to be the sweet pie of her wedding gala. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be? A wedding is one of the most important and auspicious occasions in one’s life when the bride wants to look classy from top to bottom and with this comes a lot of stress. What a bride wears plays a crucial role in helping her to look elegant and awesome and therefore a choosing the right wedding lehenga is very important. The extraordinary design and the comfort of the lehenga will actually grab you the glances on your wedding day. But of course, finding a dream lehenga is not an easy task for a bride-to-be.

Read on to choose the best Lehenga when presented with countless options both online and at the physical stores.

Decide the price range

bridal lehenga boutiqueA designer lehenga can range between Rs.20000 to a few lakhs with a lot of options of fabric, color, designs, etc. To avoid any confusion, you must first decide a price range you want to buy the lehenga for and also the range that is affordable. Remember that anyways, it is an outfit which you will probably be wearing for the first and the last time!

Browse through the options available

Be open to browse through the plethora of styles, colors, and designs like the Punjabi wedding lehenga, Pakistani, the traditional red or the simple white and elegant one. Don’t settle unless you find the style which is perfect for you and in the budget of course.

Choose the fabric carefully

A bride has to carry the heavy lehenga and hence she should be comfortable in it while standing, sitting or even while day-dreaming. A heavy, unmanageable or a wrongly stitched lehenga can be a pain. Choose the fabric you will be comfortable wearing and also according to the weather and the season. A thick and heavy material might be good for winters but summers and springs will require something light like georgette or silk.

The inner facing of the dupatta

It might seem absurd but yes, the inner lining or the fall of the dupatta matters a lot. You might choose a dupatta with the prettiest border but don’t forget that when it will go over your head, what will be visible is the inner lining from the sides of your face. Hence be very particular about the fabric and the color of the inner facing of the dupatta which will be reflected on your face. Bright colors like red and pink help to brighten up the face while dark will obviously give a dull look.

The blouse and the dupatta

Focus more on the blouse and the dupatta which are more important than the skirt but people generally think the opposite. The cameraman is going to click your photos in which most of the time what will be visible in the blouse and the dupatta and not the skirt and hence that is what requires more of your attention.

The matching of Jewelry and the lehenga

It is a general trend to match the lehenga with the jewelry whereas it should be the other way around. Try to match your lehenga to your jewelry which is a costlier investment than a lehenga and will obviously be worn more and last all your life.

Deciding the color

The most common colors chosen for a bridal lehenga are pink, red, and golden as these have always been considered lucky colors for a marriage. Its high time that we realize that colors can do wonders and hence try and experiment with new colors which match skin tone and therefore make you look more beautiful. It is your special day and hence ensure exclusivity for yourself but avoid choosing something which is over the top and too gaudy and instead go for something lightweight and most importantly a comfortable one.

These are some of the tips for every bride out there who may be curvy or not but is definitely beautiful. Make sure that whatever you wear looks amazing and makes you appear more special on the D-day i.e. your wedding day. Follow these tips to help you in your treasure hunt for the best lehenga!

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