Stylish Footwear For Your Wedding

Stylish Footwear For Your Wedding

Wedding is the most beautiful day for any women. A girl selects her bridal dress, jewellery and other items with a lot of love as she wants to look the prettiest on her special day. The same care she gives to her wedding footwear. As on the wedding, one needs to stand at their feet most of the time during photo sessions etc. It thus becomes essential that you choose footwear that is purely comfortable and stylish.

Here are some of the best footwear ideas that you can choose from:

Peep Toe Shoes with Heels

A pair of peep toe shoes will make you look stunning at your wedding. The embellishments over the heels will add the sparkle required for your wedding footwear. There are many designs floating in the market. Choose the one you fall in love shoes for women

Stilettos Having Floral Design

Stilettos with floral designs will make your feet look beautiful this wedding. You will find a wide variety of artistic options in the market. Beautiful stilettos in golden or silver colors with attractive designs of flowers will take your heart away. Choose the piece that you will fall in love with.

Bridal Shoes with a Golden Glitter

The color golden is something that never goes out of fashion. A pair of glittering golden shoe will give your feet a captivating look.

The Beauty of Pearls

The beauty of Pearls can never be denied. White pearls have a classy charm and their presence on your shoes will make your feet look elegant. You will find variety of designs in this category. Go for the one that steals your heart away.

Shoes with an Elegant Bow

An elegant bow on your bridal shows will make your feet look stunning. The designs and variety are ample in this category. Choose the color and design that gels beautifully with your wedding dress.

Sandals in Bronze Color

Create a dazzling effect on your wedding by going for Bridal Shoes in bronze color. The sensuous look of this lustrous sandal will definitely make your day. Also, this is something you can pair it with your other dress apart from your wedding dress.

Sandals with Swarovski Crystals

The Swarovski Crystals on your bridal shoes add to its elegance. This sandal style is a phenomenal choice for your wedding. When selecting the sandals focus on the pattern of the strap. As this will play a huge role in defining the overall look of your shoes for bride

Pair of heels in a Nude Color

If glitter is not your thing and you are someone who loves simplicity, then you can go for a Nude pair of heels. This will not only look elegant but can be easily worn on different occasions apart from your special day.

Sling back bridal shoes

Sling back bridal shoes are a great bet for your wedding. These are made available in different colors such as elegant white, golden and silver. The straps of these shoes are elastic and can easily be adjusted using a buckle.

Now, you have a brief idea of what to ask for when you head to the market for shopping shoes for your special day. Keep comfort and elegance in your mind while making your choice. Before we leave you, here are some of the tips that you should keep in your mind while selecting your wedding shoes.

  • Zero on the shoes before you get your Lehenga altered.
  • Choose wedges over pencil heels if your body doesn’t allow.
  • Wear the sandals before and examine the comfort level.
  • Choose an evergreen color such as champagne, nude, silver and gold.
  • Keep the note of foot accessories that you might want to wear on your special day. Accordingly, choose the style of the sandal.

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