The Hottest Swimwear Trends In Men’s Fashion You Need To Try Out This Spring

The Hottest Swimwear Trends In Men’s Fashion You Need To Try Out This Spring

Swimwear is the last thing we think about while drawing up our fashion agenda. But once you start looking at the diverse options available in the world of swimwear fashion, you are bound to be taken by surprise. In stark contrast to regular clothing, the one square foot fabric of swimming apparels leave you with minimal options of making it right. But with the help of our experts you can surely hit the ball in your court time and again as they take you through the latest trends in men’s swimwear this summer:

The camo print has made a bigtime comeback in clothing collections with Kylie Jenner launching her own camo bikini line recently. You can also match prints with your girlfriend for the upcoming splash party in this military-inspired look which has already become a rage in men’s swimwear. You can even opt for solid khaki shorts if you are not very comfortable with the patterned shorts. If you are feeling vulnerable about stripping down to your beachwear shorts this summer, then this armed forces print can impart some rugged manliness and place you at a class apart from your peers. These shorts can also serve as a perfect pick if you have thin legs and wish to add some bulk and width to the same with a visual illusion. However, you need to ensure a slimmer cut and that the hem of the legs is not overly wide for benefitting out of this pattern.

Hottest Swimwear For Mens

Athletic swimwear pieces can serve as the perfect choice for you if you wish to strike the perfect chord of harmony between style and versatility. Theses sporty styles laden in block hues and bold branding are usually crafted using breathable and flexible fabrics which can guarantee your utmost comfort while you flex your arms and limbs in the pool, engage in a game of beach football or even go for some active adventures.

Black swimwear can serve as the ultimate option for those who do wish to go through the risky route of fashion by keeping it simple and straightforward at all times. And one thing you can be guaranteed about while sporting a sexy black swimming trunk at the beach is that it will ensure that your tan attracts utmost attention from the ladies who just can’t stop raving about your X-factor.



Escaping the flower power during summer is next to impossible. Thus, if you are running short of ideas to pep up your pool party look, then you can always resort to the good old floral print. However, the key to selecting an extremely vivid print is opting for shorter styles than the ones usually sported by you. While plain colors look good when spread over longer short styles, fun floral print can create the best effect when worn up to a mid-thigh length. If you are wary about extremely tight floral trunks, then you can also proceed with a looser fit. As a rule of thumb, smaller sized florals can suffice men having a small frame while bigger print can serve as the ideal choice for those having larger frame. Tropical foliage and Hawaiian prints make for great Instagram worthy looks but you can also go for something having a dark background especially if you have a pale complexion and wish to avoid looking completely washed-out. Similarly, if you have darker complexion, then nothing can look as good as swimming trunks in light background for dialling up the contrast meter.

Hottest Swimwear Trends

Nautical-inspired swimwear can serve as a classic way of channelling some effortless Parisian cool this spring. The maritime look of this season is trying to balance out style and insouciance with is stacked, tilted, re-coloured or layered textures. Swim shorts having bold vertical stripes can be paired easily with flip-flops and basic T-shirts for a laid-back day-to-night look which can keep your back during your summer escapades. These bold stripes can even come to your rescue if you couldn’t manage to get your beach body ready for being flaunted around. While horizontal stripes can add in more width to your lean physique, vertical stripes serve fantastically for scraping away excess bulk by creating a body elongating illusion.

Although vibrant prints can hike up your fun quotient nothing can match up to the radiance and class of plain colors which is one of the biggest men’s swimming wear segments. These also look mesmeric while you take group photos with your bunch of buddies and rave about the same over Instagram. Taking a shot with perfection becomes easier if you do not have prints mixing up with one another. Compared to an entire pattern, it also gets easier to find a single color which flatters your skin tone. You can opt for navy, deep green or shades of burgundy if you have a fair complexion whereas the ones with darker skin should stick to bright and vivid hues such as sunshine yellow or lime green. Dark-skinned guys can even channel the classic Baywatch look with solid red shorts. However, this look needs to be avoided by fair guys unless they wish to end up looking like a lobster under the sun.Mens Swimwear


With summer, already having arrived with a bang, it is time for those relaxing pool parties and lazing around the backyard while sipping cocktail. Irrespective of your plans, one thing which is common in between all our readers is that they wish to nail the fashion game time and again to accentuate those chiselled abs and killer muscles. Whether you are a swim short or swim brief kind of guy, our all-inclusive list is going to keep you covered at all times.

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