Tips For Fashion Forward Women To Carry Of All Looks With Elan

Tips For Fashion Forward Women To Carry Of All Looks With Elan

A fashionista is always on the scavenger hunt for fresh new trends to determine the styles which flatter her proportions in the best possible manner. These fashion mongers are never shy of taking ‘fashion dares or risks’ which ultimately paves the path for their super-stylish story. Today we are going to take you through some of these tried and tested tips which style divas swear by for channelling show stopping looks in an effervescent manner.

Playing with both vertical and horizontal stripes in the same apparel can actually redefine your look although it might sound a bit insane. You can even pair these garments up with solid color footwear and accessories for nailing that ultra-stylish look.

Fashion Tips For Women

One of the biggest mistake women commit while wearing pants is that they do not align them perfectly with the length of their shoes. Celebrity stylists hold the opinion that this can be fixed by ensuring that the hems just graze the shoe tops thus running about ½ to 3/4th inches off the floor.

Wearing a top to bottom white ensemble can create an effortlessly elegant look which can be carried off with panache throughout the day. You need to understand that for rocking this look, you should keep the whole thing minimalist and subtle. Red hot lips and edgy jewellery can serve as the perfect pick if you wish to complement this look by breaking its monotony.

Draped shoulder is another interesting style which portrays both flamboyance and elegance in its true sense. You can drape outerwear’s such as blazer, jackets and capes over the shoulder while leaving the sleeves free for channelling a highly chic look.

The magical and shimmery holographic trend can infuse exuberance to your everyday look in an effortless manner. However, you need to make sure of not overdoing the same by pairing up a holographic skirt, top or bag along with neutral staples.

You can add a dash of style to your classic button down shirt by rolling up the sleeves as it infuses an extra dosage of coolness and comfort to your mundane attire. This sleeves rolling looks extra glam when you do the same to a gingham or plaid check shirt.

Fashion Tips

Every ultra-stylish girl absolutely needs to have neck scarves in her wardrobe for adding the requisite oomph factor and refinement to the entire look. You can take your pick from the vibrant selection of neck scarves for being tied stylishly around your neck by taking a cue from the ample DIY videos.

Different chambray and denim pieces can be embraced in your wardrobe such as denim shirt dresses, denim corset top and denim jumpsuit for creating an effortless look which can keep your back especially on those days when you are running late for a meeting whether with friends or colleagues.

Belting up your scarf top, outerwear or classy tunic around the waistline can accentuate your curves while adding adequate refinement to a casual ensemble. The entire look can be completed by opting for a polished and edgy belt which is bound to usher in compliments all the way.

Women Fashion Tips

Rather than mixing prints in a random manner you should try out chic combinations of floral or ditsy print having polka or stripes with checks as that can tag along an extremely classy and fresh feel.

You can layer an extra-long sleeveless coat or floor length cape over your mundane outfit for adding in some extra drama. A top having its back side caressing the floor can also cater to your needs in such a case.

Contrary to popular belief, sequins should not be reserved for night time wear as they look equally gorgeous when worn during the daytime. As a rule of thumb, you should pair them up with basic staples from your wardrobe in neutral color shades.

The ultra-chic peter pan collars can impart an instant facelift to a basic tee thus transforming it into a signature piece. You can take your pick from an array of styles like the one having leather trim or dainty lace. Stone studded collars or tartan and floral prints on the same can also accentuate your style metrics.

Rather than playing it safe with the tried and tested combinations of red-black or white-blue you can try color blocking by matching two unusual hues belonging to extreme shade categories. For example, you can think of teaming up a pale blue with indigo, baby blue with yellow and plum with mustard.

Ripped jeans is that one fashion staple which every single woman needs to own in her closet for being paired up with plain tights or even fishnet, lace or animal print types.

Several stylish women often cuff the bottom in single, double or twist manner as that can impart a whole new level of edginess to your regular jeans by pairing it up with your sexy stilettoes.

Layering a statement necklace over turtleneck tees can serve as a nice backdrop for creating an uber chic and high impact look. You can also blend a retro or vintage piece along with a sleek pointy-toe heels and leather jacket.

You can knot your shirt in the middle section for adding more definition to your waistline. It can also serve as a playful and creative way of titivating your ensemble and adding a whole new twist to the look.

Front bangs can look equally flattering on both straight or curly hair as it softens angular features, enhances all hairstyles thus imparting an ultra-stylish look to your face.

If you are clueless about styling your hair for a summer party, then you can opt for slicked back hair as this fresh style looks good on all hair lengths and tags along an aura of super coolness.

Nude pumps serve as a style essential in the wardrobe of all ladies as it can be easily paired up with almost all outfit types for making your legs look longer. If you are unsure about the shoe color, then it is advisable to opt for the one which matches your skin tone in the best possible manner. And if you wish to stand out of the crowd, then you can bank on ultra-stylish shoes having an interesting element embedded in the same whether it is a wedge heel having a hollow or blade heels.

Boxy structured bag and bucket bags are the biggest trend of the current season. Apart from helping you in carrying your essentials, it can also serve as a conversation starter as it lends a cool feel to all your outfits.

Cat eye sunnies having mirror lens can serve as your ultimate style weapon if you wish to be in the spotlight at all times and conquer the world with your enigma.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on to the style bandwagon and channel out mesmeric looks with our expert tips.

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