8 Things You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair Short!

8 Things You Should Know Before You Cut Your Hair Short!

Been a while since your mind has been lingering over the idea of having a haircut, you already have so many images been saved and screenshotted from Instagram of your favorite celebrities who have undergone a cool haircut, and you have been already checking for stylists online with good reviews, but it all comes to just one thing whether or not you really want to have it and you will eventually like it. Ask yourself on why you want to cut it short, is it because you want a makeover, or is it because you want to make your Ex jealous of what he lost? Well, in that case, you are going wrong, because this might make you regret your decision later.

Whatever may be the reason, it all comes down to the facts or certain important things you must know before you land up to a salon to cut your hair short. They are as follows: –

1. The Cut: The very first thing you need to know is that short hair is not about how you style them or which products you use or the tools, it is just concerned with the Cut you are planning to have and for that, all you need is a great salon and an equally good stylist.Short Hair Tips

2. Time to Show: It is the actual time where you need to make the stylish understand what you are looking forward to and it is not just restricted to your communication skills, it is all about showing up the photos of Good Short Hair you want yours to look like, take it from any of the social networking sites, because not everybody understands a layer cut as the same layer cut you want to have, every stylist has a different perception to different styles.

3. Face Shape: The kind of a shape your face has that is oval, round or long plays an important part on how a particular cut will suit your face, but it is not just about the shape, but more about how to carry it all through. It is on what you are confident about and what you are not liking enough to show other people around.

4. Learn it for yourself: After you have got a haircut, you also need to note on how you are supposed to style the short hair so that it makes you look more of what you are which is beautiful and smart, so you need to invest some extra time with your stylist asking him/her to teach you what kind of a styling will fit best.

5. Texture: Texture is an important part one needs to take care of before you go for a haircut. If you are having curly hair, by getting it done short will actually help cut out some weight and will make it less time taking and more handle-able. Similarly, if you have straight hair, getting it done short will make the hair texture stronger and tighter, providing a good layer while it grows back.

6. Maintenance: Short Hair is not always Good Short Hair when combined with so many frequent visits to the salon, as you have to get it chopped more often to continue carrying the short hair look. You need to fix appointments with your stylist from the very start so that you don’t have to wait much.

7. Use of everything, so less: One good thing about getting your hair done short is going to save you so much right from your time of combing the tangles through, to saving your shampoos, conditioners, serums and other hair products, and also saves you from using so many hair tools to keep them in place.

8. The Attachment: The only thing that Girls never really want to lose at any cost is their Hair, so when you sit there all decided to get off the long hair, you have already gone through the dilemma of losing your beloved long hair, and just in case the short haircut didn’t turn out to be worth the effort and money, then don’t freak out as nothing is going to bring them back, so sit back and have patience as they are definitely going to grow back with time.

If nothing of this helps, then educate yourself enough to be confident to love your hair and carry them as if you are showing them off with absolutely no disappointment. Be realistic about your fashion sense and do not try to do anything that is against your lovely hair. And if everything else is in place, then continue trying different hairstyles, by discussing it with your stylist in advance so that even he/she can help you with some suggestions and can guide you through the process.

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