9 Important Relationship Goals For 2017

9 Important Relationship Goals For 2017

A relationship is about how balanced two individuals can get when they promise to stay together, no matter what. If both of you want to stick together, hold hands even when you grow wrinkles all over your face, then it’s time when you guys set goals for your relationship, just the way you set resolutions at the beginning of a year. As goals are set to be achieved unlike resolutions that fade away with time.

A relationship goal is definitely not what you feel “Awww” about while you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook. It’s a real-time thing focusing on how to last long as happy and entertained individuals together sharing a common platform which is nothing less than love and much more than just love. Here are 9 Important Relationship Goals for 2017.

1. Morality and Values:-

How To Make A Relationship GoalsThe two of you need not have common interest and likes or dislikes, but same moral values, etiquettes and a sense of gratitude and respect towards each other should be the common thing both of you have. Until and Unless you share this platform together, there cannot be compatibility in your relationship.

2. Staying Happy as a Team:-

The second thatis very much important is Happiness, there is no point in staying together, when together none of you feel happy. When she/he meets you after days or even months and you do not feel the butterflies in your stomach, or the early happiness and joy of meeting them, then you are doing it wrong. The Butterflies in your stomach should not fade away with time.

3. Find Reasons to Stay:-

Always remember the reason you held on for so long, the reason why this person has always been a priority in your life, the reason why you chose him/her because couples tend to forget this especially when they had a fight or seem frustrated from work life. They forget that special quality of his/her partner for which they were attracted to them on the first place.

4. Regular Dates:-

Meet on a Regular Basis if staying in the same city/town, arrange for regular date nights or movie dates even if you guys have been sharing the same roof. Just because you always have them by your side doesn’t really means you guys cannot enjoy a flower and chocolate scenes. Relationship Goals CouplesAnd if you’re holding on with a long-distance relationship, then let me tell you this Distance really makes the heart go fonder and for the rest of the time whenever you guys meet, make it one special memorable affair.

5. Be their Ultimate Support System:-

Every individual has his/her respective goals to achieve, and when you are bonding with someone else, the one you love, you need to respect their goals as well and encourage them everyday to achieve it, and the same applies for them. There is nothing like doing everything together, everybody needs to have their own personal space, that is how it works.

6. Learn to Appreciate Each other, a lot:-

Appreciate each other everyday for even the tiniest details you had noticed at the early stage of when you guys were dating, never lose the appreciating quality or appreciation task just because now they have you. Focus and the positive and thank them every day and let them know how lucky you are to have him/her around you.

7. Best of Friends, First:-

Relationship GoalsBe his/her friend first, and then comes love. If you guys started as friends on the first place, then always be friends for life and then lovers. Trust me this makes the relationship easier and smooth with absolutely no insecurities and pressure.

8. Keep trying something new everytime:-

To keep the relationship exciting and easy going and not to make it a part of your monotonous routine, both of you need to do something new every time in frequent intervals, just like hitting up a new restaurant for dinner/lunch, camping together instead of luxurious hotels, exploring a new city together, doing new activity and even trying a new sex position, literally anything that paces up your excitement level and creates a new experience adding up to your memory book.

9. Do not ask them to change, admire them as a different person they are:-

If you still love and secretly admire on how beautiful she looks with absolutely no makeup and messed up hair, then you are loving her right. If you still love him when he is wearing his unwashed boxers for the third time and has not shaved in a while, then both of you love each other enough to be together, but don’t forget that in spite of this you need to help each other be a better version of themselves, and not let them or make them change as a person. You deserve someone who loves you for who you are instead of asking you to change as an individual.

A healthy relationship requires a lot of effort often invested together. Instead of focusing on the featuring hashtag relationship goals, you need to focus on stuff of a really happy and long-lasting relationship. Talk to different couples who you know are happy together, learn from them.

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