Acai Berry: Health Benefits To Our Skin And Weight

Acai Berry: Health Benefits To Our Skin And Weight

Acai Berry is an antioxidant food that has gained popularity in the recent time, it is now subjected as a synonym to healthy and adds so much of benefits to our Skin and to our body if consumed on a daily basis. And the most important part of this fruit is its Taste. It has a great taste and is often loved by people who add it in their breakfast bowl either as the main ingredient or as toppings.

Well, do you know what are Acai berries? They are little purple colored fruits which are grown in Brazil. The berries are a combination of so many good things all at a single place be it anthocyanins, protocatechuic acid, Vitamins, minerals, fibers and amino acids. Let us enlighten you about its healthy benefits to the skin and for our weight.

Skin Care, Necessity:

Acai Berry* With rich antioxidant property, this fruit makes it super necessary for women to consume them if they have been constantly battling between chemicals products which do not add much of a benefit. Antioxidants include anti-aging benefits as they help to slow down the process of radical damage which is the main reason behind the wear and tear of our tissues leading to aging of our skin.

* Radical damages are also responsible for damaging our natural skin and that makes us look old or fragile and our skin develops to have wrinkles. With its antioxidant content, it protects our skin from harmful UV rays and pollution.

* Acai berries help enrich one’s oxygen functioning in the body. As oxygen is very important for a healthy skin especially if taken in low doses. They help your body grow its ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) so that your natural beauty doesn’t fade away.

* It helps your skin glow from within and helps you get rid of dark circles, dark spots or acne.

* It does the task of repairing your skin, repairing the damaged cells and tissues.

* Acai berries are known for keeping your skin hydrated at all circumstances. If your skin remains exposed to the sun for most of the time, acai berries consumption helps protect from that.

* Aren’t good lips much wanted just like a fine skin. To this, believe us that Acai berry juice is very much beneficial in keeping your lips hydrated, moisturized and soft if applied daily.Acai Berry Benefits

Benefits to your Weight, loose the extra:

* Acai berry is one such fruit that helps you get rid of your extra pounds of weight rapidly because of its fat burning ability. Yes, Acai berries boost up one’s metabolism of burning the fats and the fiber contains helps lose weight much easily.

* They suppress your appetite by controlling your mood swings and hunger pangs where you constantly feel the urge to eat non-healthy food at regular intervals.

* Acai berries control the blood sugar levels to increase your metabolic rate so that your body absorbs all the nutrients, regulates the release of insulin and eliminates waste regularly and in a proper manner.

* As they improve the digestive system of your body, you can eat high fiber food and can eliminate the waste with ease. Good digestive system ensures the release of insulin which thereby controls your cravings for food so that you won’t overeat.

* It prevents your digestive system from being blocked by any insoluble substance or an undigested food. It works as your liver and kidney cleanser and doesn’t let your body fall into indigestion or constipation or gas.

* Acai berry is noted to have Omega-6 and Omega-9 that are very much beneficial to reduce bad cholesterol in our body. It reduces the cholesterol level, keeping it under control.

Apart from all the benefits it has all alone, its extracts are used in so many weight loss supplements and equally in anti-aging or skin care products available in the market. It is a great fruit that acts as a precaution for heart diseases and for diabetes. Though this fruit contains fatty acid but it is in very negligible amount that will never affect your health. A small amount of berry if taken on a regular basis without fail can give you so many of the above-mentioned benefits, so why not reap them all?

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