Accessorize Your Way Into Fashion Unit!

Accessorize Your Way Into Fashion Unit!

Your outfit will never be complete if it doesn’t have the right kind of accessories to pair it up with. Turn your daily, boring everyday clothes into a fashion statement and be the ‘eye-candy’ you want to be. Learn all about pairing your clothes with the right accessories.


Yes, they are a part of your clothes but the charm that a layer brings when you put it on your daily clothes is unimaginable. Find a jacket that fits you well and is custom made for your shape. They will turn up the look of your daily outfit beyond words.


A great pair of stilettos in black or pumps in red is highly desirable and fashionable at the same time. But, make sure you also own a pair of sneakers in white. Fashion Accessories 2018The comfort and support your legs will have from them is not the only reason you must own them. Your black, lacy dress or denim shorts are incomplete without a pair of great looking white sneakers.


You need a bag. Invest some of your hard-earned money on a great handbag. A symbol of style and status. Go for oversized shoulder bags, or small ones, a clutch or a sling bag. Choose the kind of bag that suits your taste and go for it.


They play a very important part in adding a final touch to your outfit. Necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets which one should be worn with what outfit is the hard question we fail to solve.

* A simple chain with a pendant looks great with casual outfits. The size of your chain should be a bit long to give it the effect.

* A collection of funky and statement jewelry to increase the charm of your outfit. Your outfit should agree with your necklace. Go for multi-colored, gold, silver and big funky ones.

* Earrings. Have a collection of everyday earrings that are studs and come in a variety shapes, sizes and colors. Make sure you have a few heavy pieces of ear jewelry too. Any dress can turn classier with the right pair of earloops. The mantra here’s to never crossing the balance. Focus on one piece of jewelry and let it do the talking.

* Finger Rings. When your hand reaches out for the big, funky and flashy rings then keep in mind that this should be the only piece of jewelry you’ve on you. If you’re not into shiny, big rings switch to simple rings that look great when paired and can be worn on many fingers at the same time. Go, for plain bands in gold.

* Bracelets. You can add a beaded bracelet with a classic watch to your hand. Any casual outfit will look great with this pairing. Make sure you also own at least one cuff ingolden for that classier and sexier look.Fashion Accessories For 2018


Own at least one scarf in animal print. When tied in a knot around your neck they increase the fashion quotient of your daily black or gray outfit. You can even go for long scarves and coil it beautifully around your neck.


Sexy as they are, they come in a variety of different styles, material, design and shapes. Go for classy all-time favorite oversized watches. Opt for a round dial in gold and the belt in leather. This watch is great enough for every outfit, casual or formal. Metal watches look great too with your office wear.


Before you head out in the sun, put on your shades. The reason is not only protection against the sun but the way they make you look. Depending upon your taste and the structure of your face choose your shades wisely. Starting from aviators, wayfarers, cat-eye, oval, round, square, butterfly, rectangular or club sized they come in a lot of shapes, colors and even designs.


Hats were never gone from the fashion industry. The look they add to your outfit makes it more sassy, classy and highly sophisticated. Choose from a simple baseball cap to fedoras, beret, trilby, sun hats, boater or a beanie.

Your wardrobe needs pieces to complete the puzzle. The right accessories with the right outfit and shoes are the perfect combination. When you miss out one you disturb the balance that they create. So, make sure your closet doesn’t lack the essentials it needs to make you look picture perfect.

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