Addressing Shoe Woes In Monsoon At Home

Addressing Shoe Woes In Monsoon At Home

‘Monsoon woes’ is a common phrase that everyone uses because it affects people in different ways. Although, the monsoon is a season that brings great relief after a blistering summer, the monsoon also brings a lot of specific problems that people find hard to negotiate. Every time you are out of the house and there’s a downpour you might hold an umbrella to save your clothes, but it’s your poor footwear that has to negotiate the heavy slush and mud. Specifically, leather shoes can suffer serious damage if exposed to water for extended period of time. Shoes become soggy; the stitches loosen up, the material loses its sheen and a whole lot of issues it has to handle.

Polishing and cleaning are habits that we seem to have forgotten

Back in our school days, we all had the wonderful habit of polishing and cleaning our shoes with absolute regularity. That is a habit that actually helped us to good care of our shoes in those days. Of late this has become a forgotten habit and there are very few who do it regularly. Shoe Woes In MonsoonCleaning with a good brush and a wax polish or any other suitable polish helps keep the shoe looking clean and prevents early wear. This is most important in the monsoon season when shoes have to negotiate through water, slush and mud. The best thing to do is to wait until the shoe has dried off completely, brush of dried bits of mud and then apply a suitable polish to help regain its lost splendor.

While we have outlined how to take care the outside of your shoes, it is equally important to take similar care of the inside of your shoes. Often while the outside has dried up, the inside still has a lot of moisture in it and that weakens the overall structure. The other problem is remaining moisture might result in fungus, which could adversely affect your foot hygiene. The way out for this is to stuff in an old newspaper to enable it to absorb remaining moisture easily. Once it has visibly dried up it’s a good idea to sprinkle some talcum powder that would help trap any remaining moisture.

Get a shoe tree and get the habit of cleaning the shoe cabinet regularly

If you have a sizeable number of shoes and can afford the expense, it’s a great idea to go for a shoe tree. A shoe tree is made of wood where you can hang your shoes, and the wood is something that helps absorb the trapped moisture. When there is no trapped moisture there will also be a noticeable difference in bad odor from your shoes. Not only this, shoes kept on a shoe tree retain their shape better.Shoe Woes In Monsoon At Home

Storage and timely cleaning of shoes are the two most important factors that if taken care of will give your footwear a long and illustrious life. Both these things are also important as they avoid growth of fungus and prevention of skin infections. Here it is also important to note that one must keep the storage area of footwear clean as well. An unclean storage area will naturally affect the life of your footwear and create an environment that’s not good for them. There are many who follow a routine of keeping unused shoes wrapped in a cloth and kept in a cardboard shoe box. Both cloth and the cardboard box enable elimination of humidity that prevents the untimely death of the footwear. A simple solution in monsoon could also be the placement of a dehumidifier inside of your shoe storage cabinet. As the name suggests this is a product expressly used to remove high levels of humidity from any place and is very effective in a shoe cabinet.

If you’re someone who has a sizeable footwear collection and loves your shoes dearly, then taking care of them is a job that must be planned. Whenever you have spare time, think of spending some dedicated in the care of your footwear. Especially in monsoon take your time out and go through your shoe cabinet and check out ones that need a little cleaning and polishing. If there is some trapped dirt use an old toothbrush and a little soap water to edge them out, that done polish it and pack it nicely away for another extended period of storage.Shoe Woes

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