Are You A Petite? Learn How To Wear A Pencil Skirt

Are You A Petite? Learn How To Wear A Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts can easily give you a rocking look. You can enjoy the benefits of different looks by experimenting a bit with your pencil skirts. You can easily wear them at work, parties or dinners. For every occasion a pencil skirt can work wonders. The great thing with wearing a pencil skirt is that it gives you an illusion of height. It is a perfect thing to go for, if you are not tall. Also, it looks good on women with rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle and hourglass. Here are some of the basics that you should be keeping in your mind when you wear a pencil skirt.

The Length of the Skirt Matters

Wearing Pencil skirts will make you look taller. But, it is important to give attention to the length of the skirt you are buying. Pencil skirts are long enough to come up to your knee. pencil skirt outfitsA bit above or below is something that will easily do. If you have a short height and you are choosing a short skirt, then this might make you look wider as short women have short legs. Thus, pay attention to the length of the skirt while purchasing.

Make Sure that the Size Fits You

Any dress looks perfect provided if it is of your size. Same holds true when you go out for purchasing pencil skirts. It should be comfortable to you. There should not be any wrinkles formed on the skirt. Do sit and ensure that the fit is perfect to you. If you feel that the skirt is tight at your waist or your hips, then look for a bigger size.

Pay Attention to your Figure Type

While selecting the pencil skirts, make sure that you give attention to your figure type. Those with an hourglass figure may go for a skirt that is comfortable at your hips. A V-neck top when teamed up with this skirt will give you the style you are searching for. A jacket or an empire waist top can be a great option in case you want to hide your tummy. Those with rectangular shaped figure can take the help of a stylish belt. A narrow belt will serve the purpose. Alternatively, you can wear a wrap top with your pencil skirt. For women that have triangle-shaped figure can go for tops that will give the illusion of an hourglass figure. For instance, a top with V-neckline will do the trick. Women with

Wearing Pencil Skirts as per Different Occasions

Pencil skirts can be worn in many ways depending on the occasion. Here are some examples of the same

Casual Look

A pencil skirt in denims gives a casual look when paired with a simple tee. Pair it with flats for a perfect look. If you are clubbing, then black leather would be the right choice for your skirt.

Night Attire for Dates

A pencil skirt with a cardigan is a perfect to look to go for. Team this look with high heels to get a wow look.

Formal Look

pencil skirt dressA pencil skirt when paired with a formal white shirt will definitely set a great formal look. Pair these look with black, white, or powder blue jackets. This look is bold and serious bringing you to people’s notice.

Special Occasions

Pencil skirts can make a perfect deal for special occasions. For instance, go for a lace top and pencil skirt. Alternatively, wear a charmeuse top with your skirt. Team up this look with killer stilettos.

The Sporty Look

Look sporty with a black pencil skirt and team it up with a sporty crop top or a sweat shirt. Combine this with a leather jacket showcasing a stylish look.

Create a Fashion Statement

For creating a fashion statement, pair an attractive tribal-print pencil skirt with a stylish denim shirt or a plain white shirt. A big handbag along with bright-coloured heels will be a great look to add to your fashion book. Use the colour blocking technique to create your own diva like look.

Flaunt the stylish you at your work, parties and dinners as you now have got all the secrets of stylishly wearing a pencil skirt especially when you are a petite. Also, add a spark of your imagination and find out new ways to wear pencil skirts as there are many.

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