Tips For Wearing Backless Cocktail Dresses Like A True Diva

Tips For Wearing Backless Cocktail Dresses Like A True Diva

Our clothing style changes in sync with every new season and its associated trends. This is why we keep on searching for the most in-fashion cuts, fabrics, and colors to flatter our ultimate look. Backless cocktail dresses serve as the flavor of summer months with its sexy and sophisticated allure which can make you look super ravishing.

However, wearing a backless dress might not be as easy as it seems as you need to take care of your exposed skin, posture and even bra fittings to nail that seamless look like the red-carpet divas. Today we will take you through some of the most tried and tested tips which can help you reveal your gorgeous back with utmost grace and make heads turn with your oozing sex appeal.

Backless Cocktail Dresses

  • The first thing you need to take care of before slipping into a backless cocktail dress is the condition of your skin that you are planning to expose. You can exfoliate your back skin with bath brushes and loofah for scrubbing away those dead skin cells and revealing that gorgeous glow.

Women having spots on their back can opt for special soaps to get rid of the same. These soaps can hydrate your back while deep cleansing it. Often it becomes difficult to moisturize your back and you can tackle this scenario by adding a few drops of olive or baby oil in your tub of water to impart deep nourishment to your skin.

  • If you cannot fix discolorations and blemishes at your back even after following a proper skin care routine, then you can seek out the assistance of makeup products for wearing those sexy backless cocktail dresses.

Liquid concealers can serve as an excellent option but you will need the help of someone to dab in on your problem areas. You can also take your pick amongst medicated concealers which can work wonders on your skin while camouflaging all the blemishes.

Backless Cocktail Dresses

  • Before you slip into your backless cocktail dress, make sure to correct your posture so that you don’t end up with a slouched back which can paint an extremely unimpressive picture. A backless dress looks best when you stand upright as that tends to create an illusion of a longer frame.
  • Now that you have taken care of your skin and posture, it is time to decide on the right kind of bra which can be worn underneath these. It is not possible to wear your usual bras underneath the backless cocktail dress as that will cause your bra straps to be clearly visible. Not wearing a bra all together cannot also be considered to be a viable option especially for big-breasted ladies. In such a scenario, you can proceed with the following options:
  1. A lower back strap bra can expose your upper back while hiding under the straps of your dress while rendering adequate support to your breast.
  2. Silicon stick on bras have arrived as a boon for the fashion industry as they can be worn under all types of clothing in a seamless manner. They consist of just the front cups with no clasp, band or straps. All you need to do is just remove its sticky protectant cover and fasten up the bra directly over your breasts.
  3. Small breasted ladies who are wearing a backless cocktail dress having built-in support and requiring an extra layer of protection can opt for breast petals. These nifty stick-on options which are shaped like a flower and in nude hues can serve as your ideal pick for both deep front V or backless numbers. Its skin safe adhesive can be fixed above your nipples for preventing the same from protruding through your dress and causing a wardrobe malfunction.
  4. Transparent back bras can strike the right balance between style and comfort while still being invisible to casual onlookers.

  • If you are thinking of wearing a backless cocktail dress to perfection, then you need to invest in a Hollywood Fashion Tape which can help in keeping the straps intact to its desired place. Just one fallen strap can cause you to expose more than what you intended to and that is exactly where the Hollywood Fashion Tape comes in for fastening the fabric of your dress directly to your skin with its double-sided nature. It can serve as the perfect choice on those occasions when you wish to seal off the extra gaps between your skin and fabric.
  • The dress chosen by you need to be of the exact size as that of your body as wearing a size up or down can render an unflattering look to your entire frame. It is also advisable to choose a backless cocktail dress which is in sync with your body type for rendering the illusion of a perfect arch to your back.
  • One of the most important things about sporting a backless cocktail dress which women tend to often forget is flaunting your back and that is why it becomes imperative to tie your hair up or maybe put them in the front.

Bottom Line

Now that you have gained a clear understanding of the ways to wear the backless cocktail dress to perfection, try it out and get ready to shower in compliments wherever you go.

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