Become A Home Taught Professional With Customized Nail Art Kit

Become A Home Taught Professional With Customized Nail Art Kit

One of the newest and perhaps the most easily recognizable fashion trend is nail art. It is an ongoing trend and perhaps the most voguish method of upgrading one’s look. Fashion is no longer only about the clothes and shoes you wear, it’s extended to the way you style your hair, the nail art you opt for, the type of bag you use. Well-groomed nails are not only a sign of good hygiene, but also show your feeling of presenting yourself in a polished way. Hundreds of nail art parlors have popped up in every city, in fact, designers are being hired for making the services more available to people.

Inexpensive option

Girls and women obviously find it easier to visit parlors and get the art done by professional designers. However, school going or college girls find it difficult to spend a substantial amount of money by getting designs etched onto their nails. Nail Art Kit For BeginnersMany working women would also find it difficult to take out time from their strict schedule and visit nail design parlors. Therefore, it’s wise to spend a little on the many internet resources available on nail art and its finer aspects. When one has acquired the rudimentary required getting it done yourself is more sensible as it could save you a substantial amount of money. Instead of visiting expensive parlors, make a onetime investment and make yourself a customized nail art kit.

Tools in nail art kit

Whether a novice or an expert, every nail art aficionado will need a set of doting tools. Doting tolls ate perhaps the most versatile of the tools included in nail art kits. These circular sticks are used in creating dots and can be used to make a variety of designs. These versatile sticks are available in sets, with 10 different heads attached. Doting tools come handy in the simplest to the most complicated nail art designs.

If you’re a complete novice and still going through the process of learning designs, you should buy yourself sets of nail art stickers. These stickers are usually not used by experts and professionals, but until you adopt the art of drawing on nails you can use these.

There are literally thousands of such designs available, and you’ll get plenty of options while buying it. Use a shade of nail polish that would contrast beautifully with the sticker design you’ve chosen. The adhesives used in these stickers are very strong and won’t peel off easily. Top it off with an application of nude nail polish, and your nails won’t need any upgrading for the next two weeks.Nail Art Kit Full Set

After you’ve adapted the skills of drawing on nails, you’ll have to add another element to your customized nail art kit. Stripping tapes are extremely versatile and are used in adding metallic lines to the design. Available in a gamut of colors and textures, these stripes are very thin and used to add a bit of bling to the nail art design. Another element used in adding bling and glamour to nail designs are rhinestones. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the rhinestones are attached to the nails using nail glue.

Confetti glitter or loose glitter can be used to create metallic nail arts; these glitters are available in every imaginable color and can be easily purchased from stationary shops. Not only are these inexpensive, but can be used to create a low budget nail art kit that does not include costly glitter nail polishes. For applying the glitter properly you will also need a fan brush that allows you to air away excess glitter from your nails.

The most important element to be included in your nail art kit is obviously nail polishes. The foremost rule is to never invest in cheap nail paints. Cheap nail paints have the tendency to chip off in the first two days after its application. Chipped off nail polish looks the tackiest, and for avoiding it buy good quality nail colors. Buy a few neutral shades for base colors, poppy shades are perfect for young women, black nail polish goes with a variety of nail art designs. Two other nail shades that you have to incorporate in your little nail vanity box are white and nude. White shade contrasts with mostly all other colors and is used to draw beautiful designs. Nude nail polish is generally used at the end of the process; it is used to seal the different designs drawn.

Every nail art novice should buy a stamping kit that includes a stamping template, stamp and a scraper. These designs on the template can be stenciled onto the nails, and are used to create a variety of different nail art designs.

Everything gets better with practice, and so will your nail art designs skills.

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