Bridal Wear Fashion Steaming Up The Runaway Scene In 2018

Bridal Wear Fashion Steaming Up The Runaway Scene In 2018

Months and even years of preparation can go into the execution of a fairy-tale wedding of which the gown serves as a pivotal part. After all when every single eye is going to stay transfixed on you, you need to look ethereal as you walk down the aisle. While scrolling through Instagram and other social media platforms, you might feel that most of the wedding dresses are more or less alike in their look. But on paying closer attention to Bridal Fashion week highlights you will understand how bridal designers come up with versatile looks every single season which can create some high-fashion moments for all would-be brides. So, whether you are thinking of getting hitched soon or are just here for your daily dose of fashion, our list of the biggest bridal couture trends of 2018 is bound to mesmerise you to the core.

Arm warmers stood out as one of the most dynamic trends of 2018 Bridal Fashion Week. While some were attached to the dress, others were completely independent of the gown.

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The trend of breaking barriers and crushing stereotypes continues to rage in this season and was especially evident in black wedding dresses as well as the white ones adorned with black detailing. These serve as a huge shout out to traditional fashion police who feels that black cannot in any way be associated with a wedding attire. You can either opt for a head-to-toe black look or just a chic sleeve accent or a slim belt.

Flowing sleeves have emerged into bigtime hits of ready-to-wear fashion. Thus, it does not come as a surprise that this trend is also being adopted by bridal brands in their wedding ensembles. Since the bell sleeves bring along a retro feel, you won’t require a vintage-inspired wedding dressing separate for making the whole look work. Some designers are experimenting with style and trying out boho-inspired looks by adding the sleeves while others are keeping it low-key with modern and sleek sheaths.

Tiered gown can serve as the perfect solution for those who wish to avoid body-hugging styles. This dramatic look crafted with cascading tulle or fringe layers will ensure that all eyes stay transfixed on the bottom area of your dress so that you can camouflage your heavy bust zone.

You can try out the tier trend on your wedding day to mesmerise everyone and gain brownie points from the fashion police at one go. Voluminous ball gown skirts can undoubtedly add a dash of drama to your entire look. However, you can also keep it low-key by opting for slim A-line wedding dresses and trumpets which scream out that less can even be more at times. These bold and statement-making tiered looks can serve as the perfect choice for all glamorous would-be brides.

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Designers flooded the Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week with wedding attires adorned with uniquely applied bows on sleeves, belts and even trailing up the backs of the dresses. Shoulder bows have also become an ‘IT’ thing of fashion as we saw them streaming down shoulders and dangling over the elbow while others grazed the floor. This playful trend even took the shape of massive butt bows which was an exclusive attribute of eighties and was revamped for the modern brides-to-be. The stiff bow shape was thus replaced by waist-accentuating bows which was either ornamental or undone.

When it comes to the wedding dress bodice, designers keep on drawing inspiration from historic styles time and again. Maybe this is why we could see gowns featuring exposed boning or corset tops in this year’s fashion week which tagged along an antique trend to bridal couture. This bold look was even toned down by many designers by pairing up a corset top with romantic lace appliques or simpler skirts.

The ‘high-low’ bridal hemlines was invented in 1992 by “November Rain” and Stephanie Seymour. But it reached an all new high during the fall 2018 fashion week which gifted us with alluring pieces and asymmetrical cut-outs.

Victorian era attires levied special emphasis on gown featuring pussy bows and high necklines. This trend is again becoming a rage in the bridal market as women are opting for tulle creation or a full-on lace mermaid silhouette which can easily fit into their price range.Wedding Clothes

If you are finding it difficult to take the final call in between a flowing girly ball gown and a figure-hugging sheath, then overskirts can serve as your ultimate nirvana. Modern day brides are bound to feel pampered with this two-in-one wedding dress which looks equally stunning from both the front and back sides while adding to its versatility quotient.

Capelets and capes have been making their presence felt on bridal runways every now and then over the past few seasons. However, they created a magnanimous impact this year as countless designers topped off their wedding collections with these fun accessories. Ranging from detailed ornate capes to modern capelets, these stylish cover-ups can definitely be your pick on the wedding day if you wish to stand out from the rest.

Power Suits came as the ideal reply to the staunch fashion mongers who believed that nothing could look as good as a dress on a coy bride on her wedding day. But modern day designers are thinking out of the box and coming up with sexy yet elegant pantsuits which can be worn either at the wedding or reception to showcase your sassy side.

Incredible applique techniques are imparting a lifelike look to floral embellishments on the modern-day wedding gowns. These creations are strategically being placed by the designers on the trains, bodice of dresses and even on veils. Such floral appliques look best on the ladies who wish to rock a romantic yet whimsical look on their D-day.

The Watteau-back gowns which was an exclusive attribute of the eighteenth century created a cape like illusion as the fabric draped up to the floor from the bride’s shoulders. The modern take however is a little less daunting and comes as a relief to brides who do not wish to wear a cathedral-length veil or a heavy train which trails behind them down the aisle. The Watteau back can also be removed in many cases so that you can make the most of the ceremony without feeling too heavy on the dance floor.

A pair of gloves can make you look like a regal lady on your big day. You are bound to be spoilt for choice with options ranging from sheer to black and even embroidered patterns. Such gloves can be the perfect choice for brides who wish to add a dash of glamour to their gowns.

Bridal chokers were revamped by designers who added to its ribbon or pearl construction for complementing the wedding gowns. However, you shouldn’t mistake the bridal chokers for everyday pieces as they are much more polished and elaborate.

Pearls were at the receiving end of much admiration during the Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week as designers showcased collections featuring pearl adorned necklines, pearl embellished dresses and even as the perfect finishing touch for nailing a traditional bridal look. The best thing about this trend is that it can even be tried out if you wish to keep your entire look simple and classic by bringing home a dress adorned with pearl buttons at the back or having a layered silhouette featuring pearls for added texture.

If you are not very satisfied with the veil, then ornate headpieces can be your thing. These headgears ranging from tiara-like crowns to embellished headbands can enhance your wedding day look and pave the path for gorgeous photographs.

These up-coming bridal styles can definitely narrow down your search so  that you develop a clear notion about what to try on first. 2018 brides can explore a wide range of options from high-neck Victorian-inspired designs to floral applique tulle dresses. And if you are someone who wish to circumvent traditions, then bridal pantsuits can definitely light up a smile in your face.

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