Coolest Sunglass Trends To Rise Up The Heat This Summer

Coolest Sunglass Trends To Rise Up The Heat This Summer

The rapidly evolving sunglass trends make it extremely difficult to keep up with the same if you wish to keep your fashion game on top of the radar. Keeping such things in mind our expert guide was crafted so that you can brush up your eye gear fashion knowledge. So, let’s get started and explore the alluring world of shades which hold the potential of hiking up your style quotient to a whole new level.

Tinted lens glasses available in glorious shades of burnt orange and pink to sunshine yellow and light blue look best when teamed up with metal frames. You can wear them as your everyday staple or pop them out whenever you require an extra dash of glamour. A times double-bridge style can also help you in standing out of the crowd especially if you opt for the same with a subtle tortoiseshell detail for showing off your style sense.

Coolest Sunglass for Summer

Oversized sunglasses trend keeps on coming back time and again in varying shapes every single season. You can pair up the iconic retro glasses for hiking up your style quotient to a whole new level. These mean-looking vintage oversized aviators needs to be your wardrobe staple especially if you wish to channel out those 70s’ badass look every now and then.

Extreme cat eye sunglass style has undergone significant transformation through ages for taking up more elegant form with clean and classic lines. You can even match a black oversize cat-eye sunglass with fancy and casual outfits which is bound to keep your back especially on those days when you are not in a mood of spending much time in front of the mirror. However, the maxed-out version much like the Zelda Sunglass Frame can serve as your ultimate pick if you wish to create a statement style amidst the crowd of cat-eye aficionados as it brings your bold personality to the center stage.


Ranging from Gigi to Kendall, every single fashion-forward celeb is going gaga over the small 90s inspired skinny sunglasses trend which can be styled both with casual outfits and vintage red carpet attires. Although some fans are wary about its frame not being big enough for imparting adequate protection from the sun, these sexy shades bring in a raw appeal which is bound to cater to your style needs. It is advisable to opt for slightly upswept and clean silhouettes coupled with dark lenses. Light colors and classic cat-eye shapes can be your best bet for rocking a unique 50’s style.

Coolest Sunglass Trends

Cool flat top sunglasses can help you in keeping your style game going strong as its double-bar details elevate your outfit and the polished old-school D-frame aids you in keeping it cool. This style looks equally good on both the genders and brings along a unique allure courtesy its angular details.

Clip-on sunglasses can serve as a chic way of blending your desired sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses into a common frame. They also tag along an unmistakable vintage vibe which is hard to ignore. This serves as an absolute must for anyone who wishes to earn accolades from the fashion police with their retro style. However, it is imperative to note here that the round clip-ons are best-suited for diamond and square-shaped faces while square frames look ideal on rounder face types.

Sunglass For Summer

You can expect an array of square and rectangular frames being sported by fashionistas this season as the oversized frames impart a mysterious appeal and the square shape brings along a more defined look by accentuating your angular features. Thus, you can go big and bold by blending in two of the hottest eyewear trends in the market. Thin square frames on the other hand look both sleek and chic. You can opt for the same to complete your summer style by ensuring that they usher in a bright pop of color.

Round frames keep on occupying the top tier of fashion game in spite of having new square peers on the block. You can also expect this trend to continue in the upcoming season although subtle alteration might be seen in terms of its colors. While round black sunglasses are considered to be a trademark style of preppy kids, rockstars and Instagram queens, a metal frame can impart an edgier touch to the same and a classic acetate frame can help you in nailing a casual look.

Sunglass Trends

Half-frame sunglasses stand out as a valiant example of the evolution of round shades. While the gradient lenses create an enigmatic look, the extra-thick rims project your no-nonsense attitude. If you are on the search for a timeless piece to adorn your sunglass creation, then you can opt for a classic white frame which has drawn inspiration from Hollywood’s Golden era.

Embellished frames can serve as the ideal pick both for summer getaways and festivals. You won’t be needing any more accessory if you can get your hands on some sparkly round frames or detailed filigree cat-eyes. These frames can help in bringing out that iconic diva like look thus helping you in stealing the spotlight.

Although double bridge sunglasses have been around for quite some time, this trend is still going strong especially in the department of men’s eyewear. A neutral hued oversized aviator style can serve as the perfect match with almost all types of outfit. You can even add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe with the subtle metal aviators which look perfect on people having wide/medium face. You can try out a hybrid royal blue tortoiseshell frame with silver metallic details if aviators are not your go-to shape.

You’re bound to be awestruck by sunglasses having semi-transparent lenses if you wish to build up a mysterious look which is not just aloof. An oversized silhouette can add in the requisite level of drama thus transforming your appearance instantaneously. Semi-transparent frames can also help you in making eye contact with people without having to take it off. They can thus help you in constructing a memorable sunglass look without making you look unapproachable.

With a plethora of style to choose from, your end aim should be to opt for the one which flatters your features the most.

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