12 Easy Fitness Tips To Start A Healthier Lifestyle

12 Easy Fitness Tips To Start A Healthier Lifestyle

The first thing which comes to our mind whenever we think of being a healthy and fit is hitting the gym tomorrow and burning away those extra carbs. But, our hectic lifestyle does not always permit us to spare so much time.

This is why we have come up with twelve effective tips to start a healthier lifestyle which can be easily accommodated to your hectic schedule.

Lemon Water To Start Your Day

Daily consumption of lemon water can kick start a detox and cleansing process in your body which is necessary to lose weight and avoid the excess build-up of calories.

According to expert prescribed tips to start a healthier lifestyle, it is best to drink lemon water during the early morning. You can add a few squeezes of lemon to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it daily to enhance your immune power.

Lemon Water

Nothing Beats Walking

Walking daily is enough to get you back in shape. This is why the tips to start a healthier lifestyle point out at walking as one of the healthiest exercise forms. It is known to improve blood circulation, reduce stress, benefits digestion, burn calories, enhance immune function and impart benefits to our heart health.

You can start out by walking just one mile per day which can be easily covered within a span of fifteen minutes. The best thing about walking is that it does not require any additional equipment for aligning yourself to the ultimate health goals.

Stay Adequately Hydrated

Tips to start a healthier lifestyle point at optimum consumption of water for maintaining our body functions and staying hydrated round the clock. It has also been linked with proper weight maintenance. You can gulp down a big glass of water prior to mealtime. This can bring along a feeling of satiety which in turn can bring down the calorie intake.

Drinking sodas can, however, lead to obesity and diabetes by ruining your natural digestion system. As a healthier alternative, you can opt for six to eight glasses of plain water or fruit juice for boosting up the capability of your body to remove all its accumulated toxins.

You also need to be aware of not drinking from plastic water bottles as they contain the highly toxic bisphenyl A.

Reap The Benefits Of Apple

Apples are rich in helpful antioxidants which can buffer your cells from premature destruction. Intestinal elimination also gets enhanced through the pectin content in apples which add bulk to digestion.

The inherent sugar present in apples is definitely a healthier option in comparison to candy bars and energy drinks.

Benefits Of Apple

Eating Small But More Meals

Eating more but smaller portion of meals over the span of every 2 hours can be of great help in losing those extra pounds. This is why health experts have mentioned this as one of the important tips to start a healthier lifestyle.

You are bound to notice the difference by the end of the day as you will be eating less in comparison to just three square meals daily. Eating over a span of just 2 hours will also help you in dealing with hunger pangs in a better way and thus protect you from overconsumption.

Roping In Maximum Possible Physical Movements

Even when you cannot get adequate time for exercising separately, you can include physical activities in your daily schedule. While going to the office, a friend’s house or simply the grocery store, park your car a few blocks away and try walking the steps in between.

If your office is in the second or third floor, then opt for the regular stairs by saying ‘no’ to an elevator or escalator. Each single step taken can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Making The Most Out Of Breaks

Our brain sometimes falters due to information overload and needs to take a break for some time from the monotony. Meal breaks, for example, can provide you an adequate time to move away from your workstation and socialize with your colleagues. This is known to have a nourishing effect on our body.

Ideally, you should take a break whenever you feel that your focus and productivity levels are getting bottlenecked. Creative breaks involving painting and solving puzzles can help you in destressing and bringing back your focus. Physical breaks, on the other hand, might take the form of stretching, walking, and aerobics for increasing productivity by reducing restlessness.

Post Work Workout

Although you can start the day with moderate cardio, it is advisable to engage in the higher intensity workouts in the evening. The tips to start a healthier lifestyle point out at the higher stress and anxiety levels which people have in the evening as they ponder over the validity of their daily work.

Scheduling hard-core workouts during this time frame can help in dealing with stress in an effective manner. Your changed mental frame can actually add inertia to this process and boost up your body to set new milestones.

Post Work Workout

Having A Balanced Dinner

Expert prescribed tips to start a healthier lifestyle hint at the importance of a healthy and balanced dinner as 80% of your comprehensive fitness is determined by what we consume. You should thus eat the right kinds of food and at the right time for adding to your holistic fitness meter.

Consuming wrong kinds of carbohydrates can be equally damaging as that of consuming the right ones at wrong times of the day. You might be required to conduct some trial and error methods for determining the dietary plan which can cater to your specific requirements in the best possible manner.

Saying No To Alcohol

Gulping down your dinner with cocktail can reduce your brain function, slow down your metabolism and add up to your body’s total weight gain. This is why it is advisable to take it slow with the glass of wine and count your calories for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Saying No To Blue-Light Emitting Devices An Hour Before Bed

One of the most common tips to start a healthier lifestyle is powering down all your smart devices such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions etc. at least one hour prior to bedtime. This can ensure the effectiveness of all the initiatives taken by you throughout the day for moving towards your fitness goals.

The basic acts of brushing your teeth or hair, showering and putting on your night suit can prepare your mind for slumber. You can accentuate this process by powering off all electronic devices which are infamous for radiating blue light. This is known to have an adverse effect on our body’s natural sleep hormone – melatonin.

Maintaining Proper Bedtime

Amidst the growing work pressure, we seldom find adequate time to rest our tired nerves. But this can have an adverse impact on our healthy lifestyle goals in the long run. A direct relationship has been established in between sleep deficiency and weight gain previously by medical researchers.

Inadequate sleep brings in fatigue and causes us to skip exercise. This in turns stalls our calorie burning process and further leads to the accumulation of fats in our problem areas. Getting proper night’s sleep can have a deep impact on both your body and mind. Although we do not understand, our body craves for a regular bedtime schedule.

Maintaining Proper Bedtime

Following the same on a regular basis can hike up your productivity meter to the maximum possible extent. Ideally, you should try to get between seven to nine hours of sleep on a daily basis for maximum utilization of your potential in the upcoming day.


Fitness is something which can be attained only by maintaining a particular lifestyle and over a long stretch of time. A physically fit person shall have more energy, strength, endurance as well as vitality.

Remaining fit can also reduce your mental fog and enhance your mood thus preparing you to take on the day with renewed zeal. The tips to start a healthier lifestyle listed out above can take you a step closer to your ultimate fitness goal by positively affecting your physical and mental health.

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