Eight Kitchen Gadgets That Will Actually Help You Eat Healthier

Eight Kitchen Gadgets That Will Actually Help You Eat Healthier

Eating the right food is very important to ensure a healthy lifestyle. With the advancement in science and technology, today there are number of gadgets available in the market which will help you in eating in a healthier manner. These gadgets ensure that you do not have to give up on your favorite foods in order to stay healthy. Adding these gadgets to your kitchen helps you in achieving your goal of living a healthier life every single day. Eight such kitchen gadgets that will help you eat a lot healthier are described below.

1. Air fryers

Who does not like to have fries? But we all know how harmful fries are to the body because of the high content of oil in them. Greater amount of oil implies greater fat content. Isn’t it a dream come true if you could eat fries with a lesser content of fat? Air fryers are the gadgets that let you eat fries by reducing the fat content of the food by as much as 75%. Your favorite French fries can be cooked with lesser than one tablespoon of oil. The heat is also provided instantly in order to ensure that no time is wasted while preheating of the air fryer.kitchen gadgets

2. Apple core and slicer

This is a very basic kitchen gadget that motivates you to eat healthy. Often when you feel the need for snacking, you often choose candy bars or chips because they are easy to be eaten and taste good. You will hardly ever think of having a basic apple as a snack unless that apple can be accurately sliced and made to dip in a tasty sauce. The apple slicer sections apples into accurately perfect portions. The simple gadget also helps in removal of the core of the apple in a fell clean swoop. Have these perfect apple slices with a serving of nut butter made at home. You can also have these slices with Greek yoghurt and honey. This snack is much more satisfying and is way healthier than a bag of potato chips.

3. Spiralizer

When you have planned on ditching noodles and pasta, it is very likely that you often dream of the long and delicious noodles with a coating of your favorite sauce. What if you could get noodles from your favorite vegetables? Spiralizer is a gadget that coverts vegetables such as zucchini into strands similar to pasta’s. Moreover, this gadget ensures that your intake of vegetables is maximized so as to increase your consumption of minerals and vitamins. This also helps in reducing the intake of the processed carbohydrates.

4. High speed blenders

Smoothies as well as juices are the best ways of increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits. However, at times, blending of these items prove to be inconvenient. Most blenders help in chopping, mixing and blending vegetables and fruits. The smoothie can be made ready within seconds. You can carry the smoothie anywhere you wish to go. The gadget also helps in removal of the unhealthy sauces and the condiments purchased from stores from the diet. You can make your own sauces and dips at home like nut butter, dairy free cheese and pesto.

5. Muffin tins

This is a very simple kitchen gadget that helps you to keep the amount of meal intake under check. This helps you to prepare grab and go breakfasts or carry these to work for having a hassle-free lunch. It is also very easy to make muffins using this gadget. These muffins last healthily for a week if stored in a refrigerator. These muffins taste equally good when hot or cold. Go for healthy recipes like egg muffins or spinach macaroni cups.

6. Smart bowls

It helps in overcoming the problem that healthy meals take time to be prepared. With the help of smart bowls, you can have a healthy microwaveable meal prepared in minutes by using ingredients available at home. The borosilicate glass along with the silicone lids help in creating an environment like that of a pressure cooker when placed inside the microwave. A complete full-fledged healthy meal can be prepared in less than ten minutes with the preparation time included.

7. Oil misters

This is a simple yet effective gadget which controls the amount of oil you pour in while cooking. Often you pour out more amount of oil than needed while using a bottle, this gadget helps in keeping a check on that.

8. Food scale and nutritional facts display

This helps in determining the portion size of your food as well as the nutritional facts of each food you consume. This will help you greatly in sticking to your calorie intake goals for the day.

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