Essential Oils For The Soul

Essential Oils For The Soul

As good as essentials oils are to smell, they are equally good for the skin and overall health. Beauty bloggers, clinicians and alike all over the world preach the thousands of uses of essential oils and how they help in the betterment of the body and the soul.

Essentially expensive, these oils help in healing of medicinal problems to basic skin issues faced by women and men alike, on a daily basis.

Essential oils have hundreds of known benefits and even though they are a little on the higher end, these oils are extremely beneficial.

The uses of these wonder products.

There are a variety of essential oils to your exposure and choosing the right one is important. Essentials OilsTo sum up a few benefits and makes of the oils which can be used, the following may be helpful.


It is the most common type and easily available form of essential oil. This oil helps in skin irritations, cuts, scratches and other minor injuries which may irritate the skin and cause rashes. They come in the form of rains, spray, balms or just oils.


The next in line is this particular oil which is one of the most soothing. Geranium helps in balancing the pH of the skin and balancing the oils. It acts as a good form of moisturizing agent and thus can be used to balance out over or under production of oil in our skin. Hence it is a popular condiment in moisturizers.


This oil helps to soothe bites by insects or bugs or even small irritants. It can again be used as a suspension in another media or directly as an oil. Again, an expensive variant of essential oil which is widely available and used.

Ylang ylang:

Mixed with almond moisturizer or any other moisturizer, this oil helps in fighting the signs of aging and the early symptoms. The most famous agent in fighting those wrinkles and fine lines.


One of the strongest type of essential oil, this is a bold and pungent oil which helps in clearing dirt from the larger pores of our skin which may be difficult to cleanse on a daily routine. It helps in enhancing the glow of the skin and again used against skin irritants and as an astringent.Essentials Oils And Their Benefits


A little difficult to find ,this oil is an excellent essential oil and beauty product against capillary vein damage around the nose area and is also known in wound healing fast. It can again be used as an astringent.

Tea Tree oil:

The uses of this wonder oil is millions but to name a few, it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties are worth mentioning. Oily skin requires this oil and in no time you will see those acnes disappear.


This oil is good against wounds and heals it fast, either used directly or diluted with other suspensions. It helps in circulation and better blood movement.


This particular oil aids in a variety of skin conditions like cracks, allergies, eczema, inflammation and other dry patches of the skin. It can be used directly or diluted and is very commonly sold along with other essential oils.

Clary sage:

This helps in reducing redness, puffiness, signs of aging as well as dryness of the skin.


Last but not the least, neroli is a wonderful oil which has healing properties a nd used as a devitalizer or even for fighting the signs of ageing.

These are only some of the essential oils which are recommended by beauty experts from all over the world. There benefits are endless and so are there uses. Keep them handy for that tiny rash on your face which stops you from wearing your favorite makeup. Essential oils are the epitome of healing and thus is widely recommended. Consult your dermatologist for the best and the most suitable for your skin.

If used correctly, essential oils can be life changing and possibly the only product that you would ever need or would want to keep in your vicinity. Experiment or consult experts or people who have used it to know how it works.

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