Fashion Tips For Plus Size Teenage

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Teenage

Are you a college or high school going, girl? Are you the one with fat or chubby body? Do you also come in the category of teens that always remain extremely conscious about the outfits because of their plus size?

If the answer to all these questions is Yes, we are sure that you might have heard about countless do’s and don’ts about what to wear, what not to wear, what you should do to hide your curves, what to avoid showing your fatty skin and all.

Obviously, these suggestions make you confused several times, like what would look perfect on you and what you should wear to look stylish and fabulous.

Plus Size Teenage

Here, we will discuss some fashion tips for plus size teenage that will help in making you look slimmer.

  • When we start giving outfit ideas to plus size girls, the thing that should be kept in mind is the appropriate color for your body size. When you are plus size, black can be your best friend. Not only black, but almost all dark clothes also work great in giving you a slimmer look. Choose your favorite dark color and impress others with your slim looking figure.
  • Recommendation for black or dark colors does not mean that you cannot wear white. Wearing white outfits can be extremely flattering to any plus size women and go with teenagers as well, no matter what body size they have. For an elegant college look, you can choose to wear a white top with denim jeans or skirt to gain a super flattering style.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Teenage

  • One of the important fashion tips for plus size teenage is to choose long tops rather than short, as the tops in length help in elongating your torso and make you look slimmer.
  • Strictly say no to too tight or too baggy clothes, because tight clothes result in overstating your body size while baggy or loose clothes draw more attention to your heavy body. Baggy outfits end up making you look too bulky than actually, you are. So, get the outfits with the right fit to ensure nothing looks lumpy.
  • Avoid wearing outfits with too many clothes like designed using studs or other decorative items. Also, avoid wearing tops or dresses with sleeves that end at the thickest portion of your heavy arms.

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Teenagers

  • You should wear a dress with a high-waist outline as they are designed to make your waistline slimmer and to show your curves. You can also use a belt to enhance the look.
  • How can we ignore wearing accessories when talking about fashion tips for plus size teenage? Accessories are something that improves your look, so wear a piece of jewelry that complements your outfit and style. Always keep in mind that never goes too heavy with jewelry selection. Wear something light and delicate as per your age.
  • When it comes to shoes, it does not mean that you have to wear stylish sandals and all. The comfort comes first then going trendy, whether you feel comfortable wearing that pair of shoes or not. Instead of matching it with your outfit, the best idea is to go with a contrast color.
  • To have an hourglass figure; if you feel comfortable just go adding a belt around your waist. It does not mean that you have to wear a belt with each dress style. Wear it only with a dress which you feel add extra style to your outfit. You can also go with a scarf around the neck or a cute headband to help in framing your face. After all, your outfit, your style and your facial look all work together in enhancing the overall trendy appearance.

Plus Size teenagers

  • No worries if you love simplicity and like to wear simple and elegant outfits. But as we are here for the fashion tips for plus size teenage, you are advised to try some classic designs and patterns that make you look fashionable and trendy, along with keeping your grace in an elegant way.
  • No look is complete without the right hairstyle. So, whatever outfit you are going to wear for your college or high school or for any party, style your hair in a sophisticated look. Always go with a hairstyle that flatters your look and also helps in making your face look slimmer. There are a variety of hairstyles for plus size that works exclusively to suit your face and body size. You can take help of your hair stylist to know what suits you the best.
  • Some teenage girls think that short hair adds a fashion statement to their personality. Instead of going with bobby cut or short hairstyle at this young age, you must stay positive with long hair as they are always flattering for everyone. For plus size girls, long hair acts as a way to help to lengthen your body.


These fashion tips for plus size teenage are the guide to make your body size look slimmer as well as to avoid any kind of mishap by wearing an odd outfit that makes you look bigger.

Along with choosing a trendy outfit, makes sure to wear a dress, shoes or accessory you are comfortable in. It’s all about accepting your body shape positively and wears anything confidently.

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