7 Fashion Tips For Short Curvy Girls

7 Fashion Tips For Short Curvy Girls

Hello Girls! No need to worry if you are short and curvy. No worries if you are not blessed with height, but you have the fashion trends that if followed properly can help you to get back the confidence which you might have lost due to your curvy body shape.

We just want to make you understand that dressing accurately and carrying it with confidence is one of the most effective fashion tips that must not be ignored in any way. But, when you add some extra inches to look yourself taller, it is something that will help you to gain extra self-esteem.

Here, in this article, we will share some simple and easy fashion tips for short girls to help them look taller. These tips will definitely help you to minimize your curves and maximize your height.

Simply be what you are and get ready to gain an attractive personality.

Never wear skinny jeans

Super Skinny jeans are not meant for short curvy girls if they are looking for the easy ways to look leggier. You must know that super skinny pants and jeans that bunch at the ankles can make you look shorter than actually you are.

No doubt jeans are one of the most preferable outfits for girls these days. But, if it is not chosen accurately, it may bring an adverse effect on your shorter look. So, to look skinny or to get rid of curvy legs, you are advised to wear jeans that cut off at the ankle. Never wear jeans or pants that fold up in that area as it will make you look even shorter.

Plus Size Jeans

The jeans that cut off at the ankles will stretch your lower body and will look longer. You can choose different styles of tops with such kind of ankle-length jeans, such as ruffles, puffed sleeves, off-shoulder or any style you feel will go flawlessly with your jeans.

Instead of wearing straight heels, you can pair your jeans and top with wedge heels for a perfect look.

Wear Short Skirts

When you look for fashion tips for short curvy girls, you might have heard telling people that wearing short skirts on short legs are a great choice to flatter your legs. It is true, short skirts have always been an amazing fashion tip for girls with long legs. But still, the same tip goes well with short girls as well.

Plus Size Skirt

Also, never go for extra short skirts that show ever-forming cellulite on your thighs. It is so because most of the fat deposits are located at the inner thighs, which should never be exposed if you want that flattering look. So, wear a skirt which is little inches above the knee, as it will help in flaunting the thinnest part of your legs while hiding the unappealing part.

Wear Heels if you can

Heels are something which people think are designed for short girls only. Somewhat this statement is true, but not always. It is so, because even if you are short, you cannot wear heels all the time and also, it does not go perfect with any outfit.

For short and curvy girls, choosing the right heels plays a great role in complementing their look. The heels about 2 to 3 inches are the best choice to make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier. No matter what kind of heels you choose to wear, but they should not be painful and uncomfortable. If you are not comfortable in your shoes, it may hinder your walk, as well as in the way of presenting yourself.

Plus Size Footwear

Always keep in mind that comfortability is the key to your confidence level. At the same time, never spend out of your budget to add a sexy and stylish pair to your shoe collection.

Go for heels or some elevated footwear instead of flats whenever possible.

Wear a Single Color

No matter how much you love wearing colorful outfits, but if you are looking for the effective fashion tips for short curvy girls, color-blocking is something will do nothing to make you look taller and leggier.

Wearing a single color from head to toe is highly recommended for short and curvy girls to give a sleek and streamlined look to your body. Additionally, it also helps in giving the illusion of that extra height, which might break up your look if you wear an outfit of more than one color.

Plus Size Fashion

It does not mean you always have to go out of your home in a single color outfit. Simply try to wear a single color or you can also choose the different shades of a single color or can wear the light colored outfit as well to gain a simple and timeless look.

Pick the right pattern and prints

You can find dresses with unlimited patterns and prints, where the main point is to pick the right pattern or print that compliments you the best. They are actually the best choice to add some fun to your style. But, if you are a girl with short height and curvy figure, choosing the perfect pattern and print becomes an utmost important thing for you.

Plus Size Pattern

The wide patterns and large polka dots are complete ‘no’ for these girls. But if still, you want to have a dress with polka dots, always go for small dots. Long prints and vertical patterns are always recommended as one of the perfect fashion tips for short girls. If you have curves too, then dresses with vertical lines are mandatory to pick.

Such dresses help in contrasting the curves, compressing the shapes, along with highlighting the height to give a look where you will appear little longer than your actual height.

Similarly, vertical stripes, piping, and seams work tricky on your curvy and short body.

Wear Maxi dresses

Many people think that wearing maxi dresses are like making their height more short. But, the truth is completely opposite of their thoughts. If you think seriously, you will find that avoiding maxi dresses and skirts is not a good idea at all. Instead, you must avoid long skirts and pleats that not only create shorter appearance but also make your curves look broader.

Plus Size Maxi Dress

So, it is better to pick sleek and column styles maxi dresses and skirts that work excellently in elongating your frames and in toning down your curves. Try to pick dresses with asymmetrical hemlines, cap or flower sleeves. Also, choosing dresses with lighter fabrics will bring great benefit to your overall look.

You can wear solid accessories to add style to your outfit, but make sure not to overwear it.

Belts to elongate your legs

The belt is not just to be worn with pants or trousers, you can wear a belt with dresses as well to elongate your legs and bring out your waist. Try a belt over a dress with cross-seam style, as it helps in showing your natural curves and will break up your body to some extent. It also helps in making your legs look longer, which you always love to achieve.

Plus Size Dress with Belt

A rightly chosen belt plays a great role in grabbing the attention to the smallest part of the body and leaves our legs to look an extremely long. To lessen the appearance of large hips, you must wear wide belts. Also, try to wear belts with different widths and textures to complement your outfits.


Before ending this article, we would like to let you know that curves are awesome, but if you feel like having a “couch-potato” appearance, the best way is to go with some changes in your dressing style, instead of losing confidence and hating yourself for the unattractive figure.

The given fashion tips for short girls are meant to provide you hope of gaining a personality which you might have lost as a result of losing confidence. All these tips will help you to achieve your goals of looking taller and sexier despite your short and curved body.

No matter what you choose to wear, but you must feel comfortable in your outfits.

Hope, you will get your personal fashion sense with these fashion tips for short girls.

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