For This Valentine’s Day Learn How To Blow Your Partner’s Mind With Classy And Chic Look.

For This Valentine’s Day Learn How To Blow Your Partner’s Mind With Classy And Chic Look.

The day that is worldwide celebrated as the day of love,puts a lot of pressure on young hearts and somehow you end up feeling a lot of stress and anxiety rather than the magic and beauty of Valentine’s day. This article here is going to make sure you know how to look great and win over your lover’s heart with a combination of class, chic and sophisticated dressing.

The color of love

Go for the classic red. After all it is February,the 14th. Pick out a nice dress in velvet that flaunts your beautiful tanned skin. Pair this short dress with faux fur. Valentine's Day Outfits CasualThe combination of black fur and red velvet will do all the required work on your behalf to win his heart. Don’t forget about the ankle-length boot stilettos.

Highlight the place that needs it

Yes, know your body. Neither cover it all up nor show a bit too much. Know the line and dress accordingly. Nobody knows your body better than you do. So, flaunt one part of your body that you’re really confident about and leave the rest for his imagination.

Something different

You want something better and different than that of the classic red. Treat yourself with a black ruffle skirt. You can go for a cute white shirt. Tuck it inside your little, flirty skirt. Go for ankle-strapped stilettos, if you’re not sure about them then go for bellies.


Look like a Goddess wrapped up in a full-sleeved, lacy, black dress. Put on your white sneakers that will go great with this attire. You will look confident, comfortable, sexy and immensely powerful when you show up for that date.


Layers always add the much needed ‘wow’ factor to any outfit. Look like the Rockstar you feel inside with a black, leather jacket over your dress. You can even try a cropped blazer. A cute cardigan will look great with tights.


Let your clothes roar as you go out for your Valentine’s day dinner. Combine animal prints with your outfit.

* Wear a pair of pumps, belies or stilettos in leopard print.

* Add the power to your casual dress with a printed scarf tied around your neck in a knot.Valentine's Day Outfits


You can carry a clutch or a sling bag. Some golden or a different shade of gold earrings. A simple leather watch will look great as well. So, accessorize accordingly.

The weather

As it is the month of February it is going to be chilly. It will be cold enough for you to put on a turtleneck sweater, but given the scenario you’ll want to look sexy and a bit flirty. So, go ahead and wear your cropped turtleneck sweater. A high-rise, dark skirt. A pair of stilettos in beige. This outfit is perfect for the sass you need to blow his mind.


Special dates demand special clothes. Pull out your favorite black dress that has a slit in the front and opens up to your thighs. You can even wear a red skirt with a slit. Match this outfit with pointed bellies in nude.

Belt and Hat

Wear a red, fur overcoat over a white turtleneck sweater. For the much-needed drama to this outfit put on a belt over your coat. A broad, black belt with a funky buckle. A pair of black, mid-calf boots and a ‘young- charmer’ hat.


If you’re more of a pants person. Then pick up those pleated pants or culottes in blood red. Compliment it with an off-shoulder, striped top. Make sure your pants are way above your ankle so that you can flaunt your suede or tan boots with tassels.


Keep your makeup simple. If you want to highlight one feature of your face then keep it in mind to keep the other neutral. Smokey eyes is one of the most fascinating things you can do with your eyes. Make sure you keep your lips and cheeks bland or even if you do try to put minimum makeup on it. If you want to paint your lips red keep your eyes and cheek soft.

This article will ensure that you make him go weak in the knees. Stop dreading one of the most occasion to celebrate and cherish love and make sure you have a fun filled evening with your loved one.

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