Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Without Spending Much!

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Without Spending Much!

Lately been running out of cash and you still have more than half of the month to sustain through it all. Will it make sense if I tell you not to go out and chill and have your super cool friends company until the time your wallets get refilled, well that will be so boring and bad. So, for you, we have some better plans instead that do not require much of your money yet guarantee you fun and a great time other than the ones you spend so much on. So here we go: –

Sleepovers/Pyjama Parties: – To you it can sound lame, but it is so fun to be around with your best gal pals or your best pals even if it includes men at someone’s apartment in your night wears often referred to as pyjamas in India where you can stay up late talking, playing games or order some pizza or tacos and treat yourselves well.

friends companyBookstores, Surf them: – Yes for all the readers around who love to talk about books and the favorite lines from their favorite books should definitely visit a bookstore or a library and surf through books, recommended by each other and can do the job of reading out your loved parts from the plot.

Take a walk, more like a tour: – Yes, it is not a bad idea where you tie up your laces and take a long walk the way you idealize from books or movies to a nearby park or make it a walking tour to good places or cafes which are at a walking distance and even if not, then won’t you walk an extra mile with your friends when all you have to do is get indulged in laughter filled with conversations and the rest happens.

Organize and Sale: – Visit your friend’s place in a group who has been very messed up for a while and help him/her organize the desk, cupboard, room and everything else. After that, you can organize a sale for all the leftovers which remain after a cleaning session and are not of any use for him/her.

Potluck Dinner Party: – Potluck Dinner party is about asking each of your friends from the group to bring a dish from his/her house and then all of you can sit together and try so many dishes and have fun together without involving much cash.

Search for places that are free to visit: – Just like you devote your time trying to find out new places to party, just the same way search for amusement parks or museums that allow free entries on weekdays or arrange for a Pass. Trust me on this, it will be fun as you get to see such unique and different things and share your views and adapt your friend’s view as well. You will surely learn something!

Host a screening night: – Ask your friends to come to your place right after dinner and organize a screening at your place of a list of movies, a personal favorite of everybody. Make it a movie marathon night and arrange for popcorn, wafers and cold drinks that’s it. Arrange it on Netflix as they offer free subscription as well.

Why not cook or bake together? The idea is as exciting as it sounds. You can call upon friends with good culinary skills and all of you together can bake cakes or brownies together and also cook barbecue or dishes out of arrangements you make as a group. As some take care of vegetables, eggs, some of chicken or flour or chocolates and things like that. This idea is more like a picnic and you can also do it at some farmhouse or at the terrace or somewhere outdoor.

Craft party: – Well, it is more like hard work and less like a party but with the good company, it can be a party. You can select a few good crafts from Pinterest and then make it all by your own and ask your good friends to join in. Together you can make so many and later distribute it in some orphanages or old age homes. It is always a great idea to make someone smile especially if it costs a penny.

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