Give Your Wardrobe The Makeover It Needs!

Give Your Wardrobe The Makeover It Needs!

Have you ever felt embarrassment rather than happiness when you go through old pictures. If the answer inside your head is yes, then you really need to take a hard look at your wardrobe. Throw away a few things that occupy your wardrobe and add a few things that it craves for your better looks.


The time in which we live in decides the kind of clothes you really need to wear and the ones that make you look hideous. The colors that are ruling the fashion world are both bold as well as neutral and muted colors.Wardrobe Makeover DIY

Your wardrobe can have shades of the basic, everyday tones like gray, white, tan, black, denims and blue.
The bold colors that will stand proudly in this list are emerald green, different shades of red(crimson, blood, wine, magenta, etc.) and blue(baby blue, navy, turquoise, royal blue and ocean blue).
You can even have lighter shades of yellow. Plum and purple.

But, the colors that are really no more into trend now are shades of orange, yellow and green.


The sexiness that a jacket brings to your clothes is literally unspeakable. It will turn your plain and casual clothes into something that will make the connoisseur go crazy.

1. The all-time favorite of fashion designers is a leather jacket. A black one will look great but even any other color will create the magic you need. Spend some money on a good leather jacket.

2. Layers can also include:


  • Overcoats.
  • Long cardigans with belts.
  • Hand knit sweaters in cashmere.
  • Cropped blazers.

They go great with shirts, leggings, tops, skirts, crop tops, gowns and even your gym clothes.Wardrobe Makeover Essentials


You have a lot of clothes but nothing to pair it up with. Put some color to your daily outfits.

1. Jewelry.

  • You can add a candy red clutch to your office party.
  • When you’re wearing bright colors already then add something of neutral effect. You can pair your clothes with subtle jewelry. Add ear loops in gold or silver. A simple, round-dial,leather watch. You can even add a chain with a pendant.
  • When you’re wearing casual clothes, and want to turn up the charm of your clothes. A funky, silver necklace will look amazing with a gray tee shirt and tights.

2. Scarves.

You can be ready to roll with a printed or plain scarf. A scarf tied like a knot around your neck will give you the ultimate look. You can even coil it beautifully around your neck.

3. Hats.

Hats are never going to be out of fashion. So, buy the hat that suits you and compliments your outfit. Go for the fedora, the poor boy, the cowboy,the Tyrolean, the pork pie or the classic bowler hat.Wardrobe Makeover Ideas

4. Shades.

They serve more than one purpose. Not only will they protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight but also give your face a great look. So, buy a pair of shades that suits the shape of your face.


This material goes way back into time and will continue to be trendy and fashionable even after mankind comes to an end. Pack your wardrobe with denims and create the charisma.

  • A pair of denim shorts. Tuck in your favorite tee and wear it off with confidence. White sneakers will go great with this look. Comfortable and stylish.
  • You can spend your hard-earned money on a jumpsuit made out of denims. Skin tight jumpsuits won’t give you the look that baggy ones can. Add texture to this with a leopard printed clutch. Wear it off with ankle length boots.
  • Go for oversized pants(not on the waist) it can be ripped, faded, flared or just plain. Pair these with an oversized shirt that is badly tucked in. Give your messy look the touch of magnificence with a pair of black stilettos.

Remember to give your wardrobe a makeover so that you can always find something fashionable to wear every time you head out. Be ready to rock every look be it for the gym, college, office, party, shopping with your pals or a date. Be what the reason to dress up, make sure you look gorgeous.

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