How To Wear Long & Layering Necklaces Like A Pro

How To Wear Long & Layering Necklaces Like A Pro

Don’t worry if you do not know how to layer necklaces, but you love this style and always wonder to learn it like a pro, you are in the right place.

These layered necklaces are not only original, but are superbly creative and sophisticated, and really fun to wear. If you are a girl with an accessory kind, obviously you cannot keep yourself from trying a variety of jewelry that goes perfect with your outfits.

Styling your necklaces like a pro is not as easy as you think; this is why we are here to provide you some tricks and tips to help you in layering necklaces in an easier and stylish way.

Long & Layering Necklaces

The best thing about layering necklaces is that this stylish jewelry has no rules. You can layer it in any way using any kind of items. It just requires playing around with the existing items and has fun. You must know how to space it well so that it looks fabulous with your low V-neckline or off shoulder top. Such outfits just work great in bringing attention to your necklaces.

Do you want some more secrets on how to layer necklaces?

Here, you will get some tips to layer your necklaces like a pro which looks like that it took only seconds to put them together.

Wear body chain with a long delicate necklace

If you do not want to take out your body chain, you can wear it with a dainty necklace to add style. You can wear this style all year round without any need of wearing a deep neckline. It also looks great with your night out outfits. You can choose to wear deep V-neck or crop tops, not a necessity but if you can, to show creativity. Wearing it with monochromatic attires of dark colors make your wonderful necklace to stand out.

long delicate necklace

Adding a delicate necklace to your body chain is something that looks just fabulous.

Wear lariat necklaces

You can never go wrong with lariat necklaces as they are versatile and easily adaptable to any style. Such necklaces can be paired with a delicate necklace or a choker to have an extra trendy look and to have that complete layering effect.

Wear lariat necklaces

You might have also seen many girls wearing such kind of layering necklaces that can be styled for casual, dressy or chic looks. Pairing them with other lariat necklaces of somewhat similar design is a great choice for an everyday casual, along with trendy style.

Wear your front to the back

Not getting what does it mean? It means long layered necklaces can decorate your backless dress or top. It looks little creative and tempting as well. You can choose to wear single or layering necklaces to beautify your open back in a stylish way.

It is sure, when you go out with long layered necklaces at your back, you will surely be admired for your fashion style and creative skills. It can be worn with a casual outfit, classy night-out outfits or even with your wedding dress.

Wear Vintage-inspired necklaces

When looking for how to layer necklaces, going with vintage-inspired necklaces is like adding a timeless style to your look. These necklaces usually contain beads, pearls, floral elements and all, which can be layered with other stylish necklaces to give that modern touch. You can also add a long necklace with a vintage-styled choker and a medium length trendy necklace.

Vintage-inspired necklaces

To have that perfect vintage style, you can wear such necklaces with a vintage-inspired blazer for a comprehensive look.

Wear a combination of old and new necklaces

Do you already have a collection of old-fashioned necklaces? Simply pair them with your newbies for an original style. Instead of keeping your oldies in your wardrobe, the best way is to give them a modern look by combining them with your new collection.

This way you can create your own creative layering necklaces while staying trendy and cool without spending more money on buying others. Simply combine long oldie with new or vice-versa, whatever you feel looks great as a combination.

Wear the layered necklace with a casual outfit

If you are going for a casual party or an outing, you can make your casual outfit stand out by wearing a layered necklace to complete your look. If you love jewelry, you can layer stylish yet elegant necklaces of varied length and give style to your outfit.

layered necklace outfit

It works wonderfully in putting together your entire look with just a trendy collection of necklaces in a creative way.

Wear a combination of necklaces with different style

Don’t be afraid of combining necklaces of a different style for a fashion statement that will definitely be noticed by your friends and other people around you. You can layer different necklaces like dainty, chained, vintage, etc. for an individual style.

They can be of different length and size, where for some people getting extra accessories are like an over-fashioned style, they can replace them with simple yet elegant statement necklaces. They can never go wrong with a mixture of different layered necklaces.

Wear personalized layered necklaces

You can wear personalized layered necklaces by adding a circular or bar pendants or whatever you feel will give a unique style. You can also add a small photo pendant of any shape. The best part of personalized necklaces is that, you can also give them as a gift to your friend or family member. So, make your gift special and unforgettable.

personalized layered necklaces

You can wear such types of necklaces with almost all kinds of casual outfits.

Wear beaded layered necklaces

If you are a colors lover, you can wear beaded long layered necklaces with or without pendants to add a bohemian style to your look. You need to put the focus on earthy and natural stones as these colors are great to have a typical bohemian inspired fashion style.

These beaded layered necklaces are the perfect jewelry to wear on the weekend outing or for the fall season.


Being layering your necklaces to create unique and fashionable designs and combinations is always fun for you. With this guide, you can make classy layered necklaces and wear them with almost any outfit.

Hope, this guide on how to layer necklaces inspire you for combining your favorite necklaces like a pro.

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