List Of Dating Rules For Every Single Person

List Of Dating Rules For Every Single Person

Dating is an art. If you are single, then there is a lot to know about dating which may make your head start to spin. There are thousands of answers to every dating question. Single people start dating for several reasons but most people start dating when they feel alone and want someone to share their feelings and emotions. Love, care and support are few of the things that a person tends to look in their partner. Given below is a guide to becoming familiar with some of the modern dating rules.

* It is always believed that men should make the first move. But whenever you are on a first date with a woman, chances are that she chooses to pick up the check first. Going out for a dinner? If she asks to pay the pay the bill, never stop her from footing the bill.

* Never forget your friends. If you start dating, friends get a bad rap. Studies show that during the first month of their dating, 50% of men and 35% of women introduce their partners to their friends.Dating Rules

* Always remember one thing, no sex on the first date. Statistics show that 80% of singles consider sex as a taboo when it comes to the first date. Chances for a second date reduce if you had sex on your date. The only reason behind is that some people are only interested in sex and they might leave you once they satisfy their needs.

* Whenever you meet your date for the first time, the first fifteen minutes are very important. 31% of both men and women agree that the first fifteen minutes is enough to understand whether any chemistry exists between them or not. If you find no signs of attraction on your first date, there is no use of going out for a second date.

* Always be honest because honesty is the backbone of any strong relationship. Try to be polite and always find the right words so that you don’t end up hurting your partner’s feelings in your first date. In case, you do not find any interest, step up and say because no matter what, honesty is the best policy. You cannot win your partner’s heart with dishonesty.

* Communication is the key. Until and unless you communicate, you cannot build a relationship with your partner. In the modern era of digital technologies, people discover hundreds of ways to communicate with their date, be it texts, e-mail or instant messages. But 80% of singles prefer the telephonic communication to the comfortable one.Dating Rules For Women

* Try to be a good listener. Don’t just go on talking about yourself. Pay attention to what your dating partner wants to share. Bring up interesting topics and when you start talking about yourself, be passionate about whatever you are talking. This rule applies especially for single men.If you are a woman, do not jump into conclusions and never raise subjects like children and marriage as your topic of discussion.

* Make eye contact as well as physical contact. Kisses are not only the way but there are different tricks which would help you to achieve it. Take 3 seconds and gaze into your partner’s eye. More is the time, more is the awkwardness of the situation. Do not make sudden moves. Rather touch your partner’s hand or shoulder gently.

No matter what rules you follow, always be confident. Work on your appearance and wear clothes that make you comfortable. Have faith because it brings confidence. If you make mistakes, do not worry. People make mistakes. Be open-minded and well-prepared before you go for your first date. Avoid long pauses between conversations. Always be positive. If you receive a no to any of your questions from your partner, do not get offended or discouraged. Simply keep all these tips in your mind and you would definitely succeed.

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