Long Lasting Super Dark Eyeliner Secrets

Long Lasting Super Dark Eyeliner Secrets

Eyeliners are the most integral part of a makeup regime and there are billions of tricks and tips for perfecting that perfect eyeliner. Whether it is winged or not, black or blue, eyeliners are a necessity when it comes to perfecting a final look. Eyeliners come in every shape size, color, and form. Hence, choosing the correct one for your skin and face is crucial. That’s when the expert opinions come in.

Eyeliners are mostly matte and the newest trend encourages glossy effects too. A waterproof long lasting eyeliner maybe expensive but it is definitely worth the buy. It is long lasting and comes with the added bonus of being a statement piece to own. Eyes speak a million words and are always the focus of the beauty of a woman. Applying Dark EyelinerThe eyes, as well as the lips, are the key to a good makeup and various tips and tricks are available for the same.

How do eyeliners stay for a long time?

Long lasting eyeliners are the need of the hour and thus comes the advent of various makeup tips which can be utilized for achieving that flawless winged liner for 12 hours straight. The first eye makeup tip is to clean the eye off of its dirt. After the application of concealer, the eyelid is made sure to be free of moisture and oil. This helps in giving a long-lasting effect.

The next step is to start from either the corner of the inside of the eyelid or the outer segment. This is followed according to people’s choice. A continuous line is preferable, whether the liner is applied as a liquid by an applicator or with a brush or pencil. This ensures smooth continuity and looks more neat and effortless.

After perfecting the winged look, a dab of light powder can be applied followed by another layer of the eyeliner. This gives a dark hallow to the eye. A good mascara defines the eyelashes and completes the entire look. Eyeshadow, if being applied should be done before the eyeliner. This makes sure that the eyeliner does not get dimmed by the effect of the eye shadow shade. It is also necessary to keep in mind that every style of applying eyeliner does not suit everyone and thus one should know their forte.

Forms of eyeliners.

Different forms of eyeliners suit different people depending on their outfit and skin type.

From eyeliner pencils to bars and liquid liner to gel, there are various forms in which eyeliners are available and it is according to convenience that people choose the best one for themselves. Gel eyeliner may suit one individual and liquid another. According to popularity, gel liners stay a longer period of time. To make the entire look last longer, an eyeliner sealer is used. Eyeliner sealers of various companies are available in stores and it is useful to have one handy. A makeup setting spray is another smart addition to one’s makeup collection. This setting spray when sprayed on the final makeup, helps in achieving a very smudge-proof effect of beautifully lined eyes.

Every facial features may not suit lower eyelid liner, while some liners are suitable for upper eyelids only. Either way, the application process is the same and should definitely be waterproof. This is most important for people who tend to have leaky eyes. To apply a top coat is important and the difference is noticeable after just one usage. The waterline is a tricky area of the eye to apply liner and thus it should be done with a lot of precision.

Follow these simple rules and achieve a beautiful winged liner which is bold, sexy and shouts for all the attention it deserves. Amplify your already beautiful assets- your eyes!

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