Look Like Your Favorite Star In Pocket Friendly Ways

Look Like Your Favorite Star In Pocket Friendly Ways

Your desire to copy the glamorous look of your favorite star isn’t unjustified. But the thought of dressing up like them in clothes, shoes and accessories will make a hole in your pocket that will be hard to repair. So, read all about it.

Try to look effortless

Don’t try too hard. Make your dressing look natural and easy. Be comfortable in anything you wear. Track pants along with sweatshirts and sneakers can even give you the celebrity look you need.

When getting ready for a party try to avoid cotton. Gowns that are in bold colors look great for special occasions and will give you the ‘star’ like feel.How To Look Glamorous All The Time

Take care of your health

Stars look the way they do because for the strict diet and fitness regime they follow. Go the extra mile and try to take of your body so that it is good enough to flaunt. You don’t need to join expensive gyms a 30 minutes run or 45 minutes yoga at home is more than enough to keep you healthy and fit.

Add a twist to the monochrome

You wonder how they pull off the simplest clothes with the utmost charm. Add prints to your neutral or bland outfits. A stylish handbag or printed scarf. A pair of great shoes. A chic and trendy watch. A pair of shades that suit you. A hat. All these tiny additions to your daily clothes can boost up your looks and charm.

Know your size

Undoubtedly baggy clothes look good but not all the time. You need to wear clothes that fit you well. Too tight or too loose clothes just kill the look of an outfit. Try tailored clothes that are custom made for your size and shape.

Skin and Hair

A celebrity doesn’t look flawless because he or she is different than you’re. They very much have the same troubles that a normal person faces. You need to pamper your skin and hair for the dazzle.

* A lot of water. Consume as much water as you can and ditch every bad habit that involves alcohol,sodas and energy drinks.

* A healthy diet. The beauty of a healthy diet is beyond words.

* Proper home remedies for various skin anomalies.

* The power of a good haircut that brings out the best feature of your face.

* Your oral health. Take care of your teeth and make appointments with your dentist every now and then.Get A Glamorous Look

Thrift Stores

Learn about your city’s markets and boutiques. Every city has its own area where open markets flourish. You can have a wide range of items to choose from. Clothes,shoes or accessories. Using cheap replicas of world renowned brands is never a good idea instead follow the trend or look of your favorite superstar and give it your own twist.

Spend wisely

Even though you will be able to save a lot of money when you shop from boutiques or open markets you must also own the essentials from the right designer.

* Spend some money on a well fitted pair of pants for your formal look.

* An extra layer to your daily outfit will enhance your charisma. Spend your savings on a black leather jacket that will look great on any outfit.

* A cropped blazer in nude or tan is an essential. Cardigans. Hand knit sweater and jackets all are a few basic pieces of outfit you must own.

* Underwear. You must understand the importance of quality undergarments.


They have the ultimate power to make or break your outfit. Even in shoes there are a few things you must have to set trends like a star.

* Sandals like that of gladiators.

* A pair of pointed,ankle-strapped ballerinas in black and beige.

* Stilettos and wedges in red, black and muted colors are a must.

* Boots in leather and tan for your short dresses or shorts.

* A pair of sneakers in white.

The key ingredient to look like a star isn’t going to be easy if you’re not true to yourself. Look confident in your everyday outfit, keep your chin up and a big smile on your face and everything will be the way you want.

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