Tips To Choose The Petite Dresses For Wedding Event

Tips To Choose The Petite Dresses For Wedding Event

Wedding season has arrived and you have a couple of wedding invitations on your table. Obviously, you are wondering what to wear on these weddings, where finding a right dress for a wedding event can be a challenge for many women, especially if you have to attend different weddings and do not want to repeat your dress.

When we talk about petite dresses for wedding event, it is really hard to choose the perfect style and color that best suits you. Also, when you are planning to wear a petite dress for a wedding event, the very first thing that should be considered is the wedding dress code, if any. It means if there is a wedding dress code, it becomes easier for you to shortlist your desired short dresses for the wedding.

Petite Dresses For Wedding Event

We have included a few tips that will ease your task and will help you to choose a perfect petite dress that fits your needs, style, and budget.

White Tie or Black Tie Wedding Dress Code

If you are invited in a wedding with a white tie or black tie dress code, it means you are going to wear the formal type of petite dress for white tie dress code or semi-formal for black tie wedding dress code. Still, there is no restriction on what you can choose to wear. Basically, it includes either full-length gown or tea length dress, but in this modern era, women have interchanged the long gown with shorter dresses.

But, make sure that if you are wearing petite dresses for wedding, it should be modestly shorter, not to be mini dresses.

White Tie Wedding Dress Code

Beach Wedding

As the name, the wedding takes place at a beach venue, so you require choosing a dress that suits the beach theme. You cannot attend a beach wedding in a formal wedding dress, as it may make you look mismatch from other guests. It does not mean that you have to wear a long maxi dress to be a part of a beach wedding.

Choosing a petite maxi dress would work perfectly for the beach theme and will also make you feel comfortable as you do not require managing long maxi dresses. If you want, you can go with a tea length or knee length dress as well; here the choice is all yours.

Beach Wedding

Daytime or Casual Wedding

Casual weddings have no restriction on what guests should wear, but it does not mean that you will attend a wedding party in jeans and your favorite t-shirt or top. Since it is a wedding; you need to wear something that makes you stand out in the crowd due to your unique style and personality.

When picking the petite dresses for wedding, you must pick something that makes you feel confident and comfortable. So, choose the one, which is not too tight, not too short and not too revealing. Pair your petite dress with high heels will work great for the occasion.

Casual Wedding

Pick right length

If you are a woman with plus size, you should wear tea length as it will look perfect on your body shape. If petite dresses for wedding are too short, it can make you look heavier than actually you are. So, do you want this? Would you like to see the wedding album with the photos where you are looking as the heaviest woman in the party? Obviously, you will not. So, always choose the right length based on your body shape, size, and style.

Women with normal body size or slim women can pick any style from the huge collection of petite dresses for wedding available online. But, make sure that your dress should not be too revealing as you are going to attend a wedding party not a dance party in a club with your friends.

plus size wedding dresses

Right Shapewear

If you have decided to wear a petite dress for the wedding, at the same time, it is important to have the right shapewear as it will make you feel great. Being a woman, you can easily understand or even have gone through the situation many times when your short dress rides up and have made you discomfort or left you embarrassed. When it comes to shapewear, you should try different styles and pick the one that makes you more comfortable with your short dress.

Some women feel comfortable in bodysuits while some feel better in nude dance shorts, thus, shapewear gives you a number of options to choose from.

Shapewear for wedding

Right pair of Shoes

Wearing flat shoes with petite dresses for wedding is something may not compliment the style of several women. When you wear short dresses, wearing heels can add a style to your overall personality. No doubt, wearing a short dress with your favorite high heels is something which cannot be compared with anything. But, again the comfort zone comes first when you are going to attend a day-long wedding event.

If you are not habitual of high heels, then you should go with medium heels or fancy pair of flats, as there is nothing more important than your comfort level.

Wedding shoes

Be Yourself

Just because your friends or family members or cousins have chosen petite dresses for wedding, you should also wear short dresses even if you do not like it. If you want to wear a long dress or your favorite dress which is not short, wear what you want without bothering what others are going to wear.

Always keep in mind that if you are not comfortable with your attire, how you can enjoy the wedding with half-heartedly? Just be yourself and listen to what your heart says to wear.

Be Yourself


As you have gone through the tips to select the right petite dresses for wedding, now you are ready to start looking for the perfect short dress to wear on any occasion.

Also, be ready to choose the shoes, jewelry, and hairstyles to complement your dress choice.

The main aim is to choose everything that complements your style and look, and with these tips, you can do this easily.

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