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Privacy Policy of, also termed as F&L here, is applicable for all platforms – websites, blogs, emails and all services, we are providing currently or may provide in the future, which may be used by our visitors, readers, users and partners to be connected with us in any way.

We are strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of visitors, readers, and partners and ensure to respect their information provided to us for any purpose.

We collect and analyze information just for determining what our readers/visitors are looking for or what they are interested in. This information is only used to create engaging and informative content while recommending the best products just to give them a better shopping experience.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, treat and use the collected information from our visitors/readers. Using this website/blog, you are agreed to this privacy policy.

How collected information is handled?

The personal or other information from our readers, visitors or partners is collected directly using our blog or through email, phone, message, or via another medium. This information is collected in two ways:

  • Via required details filled in the contact form
  • Via cookies for attaining information about the visitors/readers preferences, that includes their IP addresses, browser, ISP details, and others.

Our blog/website also handles third-party advertisements helping other businesses/partners in improving their ROI by advertising on this website. The cookies on our website might be used by some of these advertising partners in order to provide the internet-based ads based on your browsing activities over the internet.

We are not liable on the use of cookies accessed by third-party advertisers. We do not accept any responsibility for any such act.

F&L analyzes the visitors/readers movements just for the purpose of delivering well-organized and better content or services. These statistics do not include any kind of personal information of the visitors/readers.

How collected information is used?

F&L uses the collected information of the visitors/readers for various purposes, these include:

  • For providing information or services requested by our visitors/readers/partners
  • For communicating with our visitors/readers/partners regarding the content or offered services
  • For finding our visitors/readers/partners as the effective sources for the offered services, the information is collected to ensure that the content added in our website is relevant and engaging to our visitors/readers.
  • For providing useful advertisements to our visitors/readers for enhancing their experience with us.

Privacy of Collected Information

We ensure not to disclose any kind of personal information to any third-party in any way without your consent. We never share or sell any information about our visitors/readers to third-party for any purpose, marketing, advertising or anything.

Some information may be automatically collected by the third-party by using cookies. If you do not want to share your non-personal information or anything with third-party, you need to make the required changes in the settings of your web browser. It will prevent your online activities from being tracked.

Our sole concern is to provide the tips and guides regarding clothing and cosmetics industry as well as affiliate links to help our readers in making the best purchase. We are not involved in anything else than this.

Link To/from other websites

F&L contain affiliate links from third-party websites; we are not liable for collecting or using your personal information by a third-party in any way. We are solely responsible for the collected information on

You are advised to go through the terms & conditions and privacy policies of the third-party websites before using them, either for purchasing products or anything.

Changes to Privacy Policy

F&L has the right to change the Privacy Policy anytime without any notice. So, you must check our Privacy Policy from time to time to keep you updated with us. The rights to use the personal information of our visitors/readers will be focused on the updated privacy policy.

For any query, comment or doubt regarding our Privacy Policy, you can contact us anytime via email at

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