Put Up A Great Show With These Fashion Week Cosmetics Trends

Put Up A Great Show With These Fashion Week Cosmetics Trends

What really strikes your mind when you hear the word Fashion, something that is stylish, hot, sexy or trendy? Anything that you can actually use to define yourself speaks of what you think of fashion because it is something concerned with your taste and your idea.

Every year the top fashion designers, not just the ones concerned with dress designing, also the ones concerned with so many more things such as makeup, jewellery, shoes, hairstyling, all combined together organise Fashion Weeks, which lasts a week in order to display the latest trends in fashion, their latest collections to Us(common man, media, also to other fashion icons) for the upcoming season/year. With their take on the latest collections, they try to influence us into trying how differently various attire and makeup and hairstyling etc. all works if tried in a particular manner/order.London Fashion Week Makeup Trends

Recently we have been following the latest take on the makeup trends during this year’s Fashion Week. We have come across a few best ones which are a must try for every beautiful woman out there who loves experimenting with her look with utmost confidence and never really gives up, if it doesn’t work. Trust us on this, most of us analyze these makeup trends but don’t really analyze it to a level where it can be put to use for a good cause. We simply analyze it with a wow face or an open mouth and then ignore or chose to forget or get over even if we like it only for the sake of bad experience.

But, have a LOOK on what we have jotted down for all of you that don’t really cost much of your experimental behavior, and will make you look Great. Here you Go: –

Eyebrows: First of all, brush your eyebrows nicely, then fill up the extra spaces with an eyebrow pencil in a way it gives you the Chick look. Fashion week has shown us on how unruly eyebrows are a complete wow to watch over. Put them on fleek.

Eyeliner: When it comes to choosing a way to apply a liner, that’s the most important thing to do. Decide then apply. You want it winged, bold, basic, smudged or effortlessly thick-is something that is going to change your look completely. Fashion week has shown us on how to break the rule and put up an interrupted liner for the show. If your liner is bold then your face should have a minimum of makeup, that is how it works.

Smoky/Colorful Eyes: It is not always the smoky eyes that are going to blow few minds, but they surely do. Black and Grey eyeshades are a big thumbs up but why not follow the fashion week fashionista and try something more colorful. You read it right, colorful smoky eyes are the latest take, with varieties of fluorescent color liners coming into the market. And if not the dark color then metallic is the best. That will make the eyes look sexier.London Fashion Week Beauty Trends 2017

Lips: Choosing the perfect lip color is not such a headache provided you know what is the color of your attire. But isn’t this order an old news? Recently fashion week has shown the world on how to try wearing the neon lipsticks. It is not always that a red lipstick will steal hearts, neon colors have their own way of doing so. But if you’re still the red color aspirant then go for a vampy look, let your face be natural and your lips be vampy, you are sure to turn heads. For the ones who ditch red lipsticks all the time, it’s for you to tone your look, trust me it will look amazing.

Compacts & Blush: We have been always traditionally highlighting our face with a limited range of contours and compact, but now it’s time for us to dump them and use Blush bombs instead exploring varieties of color. Apply them finely on your cheekbones and towards the eyelids, thereby doing justice to your face.

So, keep experimenting with your everyday makeup regime, be it for an outing with friends or your Valentine’s dinner or be it anything. Enjoy your life with the looks that are invented for your face but are yet to be tried on. Take that risk, sometimes it’s worth the risk.

Fashion Week Makeup Trends London Fashion Week Beauty Trends London Fashion Week Makeup Trends 2017

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