Re-do Your Fashion Statement Using These Simple Tips!

Re-do Your Fashion Statement Using These Simple Tips!

The way you dress up and carry yourself speaks a lot about you. So, let your clothes do the talking and bring out that oomph factor that you’ve been withholding for so long.

The Fashion Mantra.

You need to remember a few basic things that will help you look perfect. First and foremost, pick out clothes that fit you well. Don’t try to fit into something that is too tight for your body or that is extremely loose. Your clothes should not only make you feel comfortable but they should complement your body,as well.

Add a layer.

Every outfit looks better when you add a layer to it. Fashion Tips 2018Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath the layer. When you put on a nice leather jacket in black, it will give you the classy and sexy look at the same time. If you’re not into black buy any other shade of leather jacket and you’ll be baffled.

Color in trio.

Add this simple technique to your clothes and you’ll see the change in your look. When you wear a combination of three colors it enhances your look. Give it a try. You can wear a pair of leopard printed shoes. Go for a combination of a blazer(in red), pants (in black) and a white simple tee shirt. This simple look will make you a hit even for a party.

Too much or too little skin.

Yes, the ultimate question that stands ahead of you is how much can be too much or too little skin. You must understand that if you display a lot of skin, it won’t make you look more fashionable or sexy. So, choose the part of your body you feel comfortable showing and cover up the rest of your body. Make sure the exposed part is your best feature.

The Don’ts.

Please, try to avoid something that is not soothing to the eye. Subtlety is the key. Don’t wear clothes on daily basis that have a lot of jewels on it, that too fake ones.

The next one that makes the list and makes everyone cringe is when you cross the line. You must maintain the balance between floral prints, stripes, geometric prints and polka dots.

Yes, your love for brands can be understood but when you wear something that is a replica of the real thing it is a fashion disaster. You can always buy pocket friendly clothes, shoes, bags and other stuff that are available at open markets or boutiques. These clothes are fashionable and trendy and are better than cheap knock offs.


Next in the list to re-do your fashion statement is shoes. Never underestimate the power of good shoes. If you’re too fashion impaired to understand shoes then have these pair of shoes. One in nude or tan. One in prints and one in leather. Have each of these shoes both in flats and heels.Fashion Tips And Ideas


This is something that adds a bit of wow to your look. Again,if you overdo this you will ruin your outfit.

* Own a pair of studs. It can be in golden or a different shade of golden to pair with almost every outfit.

* A simple pendant with a necklace.

* If you’re wearing a gray or white tee shirt. Then add a funky silver necklace to your outfit for the much-needed texture to your outfit.

* Watches are always trendy. Oversized watches in leather belt or in metal.

* A printed scarf tied around your neck in a knot will also look amazing.

* Hats are always in style. For the dramatic effect choose a hat for your outfit.

Simplicity is the key.

A plain white buttoned-down shirt. A pair of faded, ripped jeans. Suede boots. The ultimate classic look that will speak for itself as you step out of your house. You need to remember too much dressing will never make you look like the diva you wish to.

Fashion, dear friends isn’t a very hard thing to get. So, bid adieu to those embarrassing moments where you would dress up like a total disaster and welcome the new fashionable and trendy person.

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