Red Lips That Slay All Day!

Red Lips That Slay All Day!

Beauty tips for women are extensive and thus there are never ending lists of products launched everyday for women and to satisfy their makeup needs. Beauty is a never ending story and maintaining what one already has is the secret behind real beauty. Beauty tips and tricks are immense and the best product for you is for you to choose. It may be a prolonged process but it comes with its pros too.

Red lips. Perhaps the sexiest makeup a woman can carry. Red lips are a makeup statement. It is the epitome of class and sass. Pulling off vibrant red hot lips is not everyone’s cup of tea and thus one should first know how to be confident and carry it well. Red lips have a secret behind them which no one knows of.How To Achieve Perfect Red Lips

The secret behind the perfect red lips

Applying the perfect lip color is crucial to bring out facial features. For this reason red lips are safe. It is something which can be sorted by any skin color, from light to dark. It is a dark and vibrant color which is raw and is oozing with sexiness. Applying red lipstick is the trick though. It is recommended according to beauty tricks and tips for good lipsticks that we must own a lip loner of the same shade to define the shape of your lips before applying the lipstick. Make sure that the lip is moisturized and thus retain the color for a longer time without any smudge or any form of chapped lips.

The basic lip makeup tips are pretty simple. Following this can give us the result of amazing and luscious red lips which lasts longer and is sure to woo your partner. The Ruby red shade by MAC is a hot seller and is perhaps the best red lipstick a woman can own. It is a little on the higher end but yes, it slays.

The few simple steps to apply lipstick, whether it be red or some other subtle color, is to first dab the lips with some non colored lip balm with medium moisture. This is followed by application of lip liner. After this, the red lipstick is dabbed on the lips. This is either done with a brush to maintain precision or it is applied directly if one is comfortable to do that. At the end of this process what we get is am amazing end result of luscious and beautiful red lips which are lined to perfection.

The beauty of red lips is that it can be carried with any outfit. It is the best kind of makeup tip to complete a look. From traditional wear to western wear and from parties to festivals, red lips never fail. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are in, what matters is how you carry yourself and how your red lips slay, every time.

So the next time you purchase a red lipstick, do try it on and don’t be stingy with the brand or the cost. A lipstick lasts a long time, specially a red one. Don’t forget to follow the simple application and make up tips, you will see people woo your lip color.

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