Simple Fashion Tips For Petite Women To Make Them Look Better Than Ever

Simple Fashion Tips For Petite Women To Make Them Look Better Than Ever

In comparison to normal clothing, the ones designated for petite ladies have shorter inseams and narrower shoulders. One of the biggest fashion tips for petite women is to strategically show some skin for creating an illusion of a taller frame.

If you are thinking about wearing a short skirt which flashes your toned legs, then you should refrain from giving the world a glimpse of your cleavage. Alternatively, if you are sporting a low-cut dress then it is advisable not to flash too much skin in the bottom portion.

Today, we will discuss some of the basic rules of dressing up your petite frame and winning brownie points with your ultra-glam quotient time and again.

Choosing The Right Sleeve Length

Although our sleeve length serves as one of the most overlooked aspects of our entire garment, it holds the potential of instantly upgrading or downgrading your entire look as well as your first impression especially while attending formal occasions.

As per fashion tips for shorter women, sleeve length has an extremely important role to play while sporting coats and jackets. Petite girls usually have shorter arms and that is why even the normal full-sleeved jackets seem unmanageable to them. This is why they are advised to opt for full-length sleeves which hit just around the wrist.

Extra-long sleeves can make you feel lost while wearing the coat or jacket even if it fits you perfectly elsewhere. You can consult petite designers or the salesperson at a petite departmental store to seek help while choosing your perfect sleeve length. Otherwise, you can have them tailored to meet your specific requirements.

High-waisted style

The high-waisted trend rocked the fashion sphere during the 80s and has come back with a bang in recent times. This trend is an absolute favorite of tinsel town celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and Eva Longoria.

According to fashion tips for short girls, high waisted style can make your legs look longer by elongating your bottom half. Both high rise pants and skirts can work wonders on your petite frame. It can also be worn with muffin tops by apple shaped ladies without worrying about drawing attention towards their problem areas. You can also be buffered from the chances of showing off your panties while bending too much in these high-rise pants.

Choose The Jeans Which Flatters Your Body Type

Whether or not you belong to the petite category, it is impossible to have too many pairs of jeans in your wardrobe. With a variety of choices available in the market like straight leg, flare, boot-cut, skinny, boyfriend etc., it often becomes difficult to take the ultimate pick.

In spite of this, jeans stand out with its sheer versatility as it can be paired up with almost everything without drawing the attention of the fashion police. As per fashion tips for petite women, black skinnies look exceptionally good on their small frame. Their shorter legs and short torso looks brilliant when draped with certain styles.

When it comes to petite fashion, it is extremely important to create a vertical line as it creates the illusion of greater height. You can opt for jeans having side piping and a vertical seamline. High rise jeans look exceptionally good on petite ladies as it elongates their legs to create an illusion of height.

Flare jeans, on the other hand, can effectively balance a petite figure and look magnificent when paired up with high heels. In spite of falling under the petite category, each girl has varying equations in terms of areas they wish to accentuate and the ones they wish to hide. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to find the jeans which flatter your specific body type.

Pear-shaped petite ladies have a tendency of gaining weight around their thighs. This is why fashion tips for shorter women advocate wearing black skinny jeans along with dark color boots. These hues can elongate your legs by drawing attention from your thighs.

Low rise jeans, on the other hand, are an absolute no-no for petite girls as they tend to make your legs look shorter. It is difficult to come across a petite girl who is blessed with gorgeous long legs. If you are lucky to fall under this category, then it won’t hurt to lose an inch or two by sporting the low-rise style.

This particular style can also make you look extremely unflattering if you gain weight around your midsection and team it with muffin tops. Boyfriend jeans have also gained rapid popularity in recent years. This can prove to be highly tricky apparel for the petite divas courtesy its slouch fit.

Although fashion tips for short girls do not impose a complete ban on boyfriend jeans, it advises exercising caution while wearing the same. An overly loose fit should be avoided at all cost as they will not flatter your petite figure in spite of feeling like a second skin in terms of comfort. If you have a soft corner for a slouchy fit, then the girlfriend jeans can serve as a better choice.

Wear Dresses Throughout The Year

When it comes to petite fashion, nothing can look as flattering as a dress. According to fashion tips for shorter women, dresses meet a number of flattering principles simultaneously like creating a column of color, showing your skin and rule of the thirds.

This is why fashion mongers’ advice petite ladies to wear dresses throughout the year. If you live in a cold area which experiences harsh winter months, then you can easily opt for a cashmere or wool blend dress and team it up with knee-high boots for staying warm and comfy.

Wear Nude Heels

Nude heels are like a match made in heaven for petite ladies as they act miraculously in elongating your legs, especially while opting for a mid-length dress. Fashion tips for short girls advocate wearing nude pumps as the color blends in seamlessly with that of your skin to look like an extension of your legs. Petite girls can also benefit out of those few extra inches.

The same principle is also applicable to black shoes, especially when worn with black pencil pants. The key here is to match the color of your tapering pants with that of your shoes to create a column of similar hue. Fashion tips for shorter women hint at wearing chromatic colors from the waist down as one of the foundation stones of petite fashion styling.

Wear Long Coats

Fashion tips for petite women advise wearing long coats as they render an extremely flattering look. You can easily opt for H shaped coats over your skirt suit which creates the lengthening illusion of a vertical line.

However, these coats should not look overwhelming in comparison to your structure and look best when paired up with 3-inch heels. It is not recommended to team up long coats with sneakers or flats as that can make you look shorter than what you actually are.


While dressing a petite frame, it is best to leave something for the imagination. The simple styling tips listed out above can easily work magic on your frame to make you look longer and leaner in no time.

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