Slim Style Guide – Simple Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Slim Style Guide – Simple Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Some people have a plus size figure, while some have a skinny figure. But, having an ideal body shape is really a great gift from God that can only be enjoyed by some girls. Many girls think that a plus-size body is really challenging to manage when it comes to fashion and clothing. But, you must know that skinny girls also find it hard to get the perfect look by wearing stylish clothes.

Even a small mistake in choosing the right clothes, shoes or accessories can make you look skinnier. Having a skinny figure does not mean that you can wear anything you want, unlike girls with plus size figures.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

These fashion tips for skinny girls will help you to know how to wear clothes to look stylish without drawing attention to the slimmer body. You must keep these tips in mind to look good and stylish because a small mistake of choosing the wrong clothes can ruin your overall look and make you look thinner.

Simple Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

The Right Cut

The main focus of all skinny girls must be to choose the right clothes with the right style and design that can help them in creating curves and volume. Getting these things in mind is the best way to avoid any mess when fashioning your attire.

Skinny girls have a number of ways to create curves or they can also choose to wear clothes that add a balanced weight to their overall look. You have the choice to wear either the close or longer cut to make you look wider. When it comes to choosing the slim style dress, you can find numerous such designs that focus more on creating the perfect slim cuts at the desirable places to give that wider look.


Choosing the right fabric is one of the important fashion tips for skinny girls that most of them usually do not give attention to. There are some fabrics that play a great role in creating an illusion of the curves. But, at the same time, you must not go too bulky as it can make you look rigid.

Like, if you want to highlight your slim figure, you can go for tight-fitting fabrics. But, if you are the one who does not want to display her slim figure, you must avoid clingy fabrics. It will help in adding a curve to your frame. Going for some thick fabric would be a great idea for you.

No to Vertical Stripes

No doubt vertical stripes are the best choice for girls with the plus-size figure, but for skinny girls, it is always recommended to avoid vertical stripes. We can say that clothes with vertical stripes are not meant for skinny girls, because they make you look longer and slimmer.

So, choosing horizontal stripes is one of the best fashion tips for skinny girls. It helps in adding curves to your slim body and prevents you from looking skinny. If you are looking for a dress or top with stripes, make sure to go for horizontal stripes to appear slightly broader than actually you are.

Avoid High Heels

What we have talked about vertical stripes, the same applies to the high heels. High heels make you look taller than you are, which means you will look like a straight stick with no curves. So, the best idea is to prefer flats or boots that can easily work perfectly with any outfit you wear.

But if you love wearing heels with a cocktail dress, then you can wear a pair of shoes with minute heels, but no high heels. Being one of the must-know fashion tips for skinny girls, you must take out all the high heels from your shoe collection and start buying flats, boots or shoes with tiny heels.

No to Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have always been a bad choice for skinny girls. Some doctors have even stated that skinny jeans, no matter how much they are trendy, are not good for health. In addition to their adverse effects on health, they also do not look good on skinny girls.

The skinny jeans give an illusion of a straight stick, so you must avoid skinny jeans as one of the highly recommended fashion tips for skinny girls. Always go for wide-length jeans or pants that give extra space for your legs and make you feel comfortable in your outfit.

Wear Bold Colors

It is advised to choose bold colors and try to avoid dark colors as such colors make you look slimmer. You have the freedom to wear any color except black, brown, or any dark color. Neutral colors and contrast outfits are highly helpful in making you look wider. Like, you can choose to wear a light top and dark bottom or vice-versa.

Moreover, skinny girls need not worry about the specific prints and patterns; you can play with them but make sure to make the right choice. To hide your skinny figure, you must choose to wear an outfit with 2 or 3 color combinations.


Layering is always recommended to skinny girls; because it works great in making them look fuller. It is considered as one of the best ways to create the illusion of curves. You might have seen many girls wear baggy clothes to hide the skinny figure, which is completely wrong. Instead, it looks like clothes are hanging on a stick.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

So, if you are going to layer your clothes, you can choose to layer your top with chunky scarves or a little loose jacket. Remember, what you wear swamp your frame, so choose everything carefully.


Hope, now these fashion tips for skinny girls will help you to learn how to dress up in the right clothes that make you look fuller and wider. All you need to do is to choose the right color, fabric, and layering. You will definitely get compliments for your overall look and style.

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