Some Fashionable Ways For Men To Reuse Their Mom’s Wardrobe

Some Fashionable Ways For Men To Reuse Their Mom’s Wardrobe

Have you always admired your mother’s wonderful wardrobe and sighed because you are a man and no matter how much you admire it, you can never own it? In the 21st century, it’s time to think out of the box and get out of stereotypes. Look into the past and you can imagine how glorious Indian men were regarding fashion. Fashion for men was quite androgynous and yet had a distinct stroke of manliness which gave kings and warriors the aura of their personalities.

While a lot of experiments are being done with women’s fashion and many items from men’s closets have found their way into women’s wardrobes or been given a modified form, men’s fashion remains somehow stagnant. Moms WardrobeExperiments have been done with fabrics, designs and embroideries; however, exploring the women’s arena has seldom been done for men. Fashion conscious men can however think of ideas to explore the rich collection of their mothers and start new trends in fashion for men. Here are a few ideas that can really get you thinking.

* If your mom is a salwar kameez woman, she must have a wide range of Patiala salwars which is one androgynous fashion item in Indian textiles. Men can team up Patiala salwars with their kurtas and sherwanis for a comfortable, ethnic look. Achkans and angrakhas go very well when teamed up with silk patialas. This is one of the very basic ways in which you can make use of your mother’s wardrobe.

* Next, we move on to a prominent section of a woman’s wardrobe and before you start raising eyebrows at the thought, you must know that it is very much possible and looks absolutely glorious. Yes, we are talking about your mom’s sarees. Her gorgeous cottons and silks can be teamed up as a colourful dhoti for men. In olden days, dhotis weren’t necessarily just white or red or black. They had intricate brocade work or embroidery along them and were no less than sarees in terms of detailing and beauty. Men can try wearing a simple silk saree with a golden border or embroidered border as a dhoti and team it up with a solid kurta. Wedding attires for men can comprise a bright South Indian silk teamed up with a lightly embroidered kurta and turban. Nothing can hinder you from looking absolutely regal in that attire. Stop being apprehensive and give it a try. This is surely a winner!

* A large part of women’s wardrobe also consists of her jewellery. You may not be able to use them much except for her set of pearl necklaces. Every mother proudly owns a few pearl necklaces which can be teamed up by men over kurtas and sherwanis. A few chains of pearls or a long line of pearl with a stone studded in the centre or on a side looks charming when teamed up with a deep shade sherwani. This should be a must for all Indian men’s wedding look.

Do not let your mom’s rich collection go to waste just because she has no daughter to flaunt them. Treasure those heirlooms being a fashion-conscious son and stun the world by creating such innovative fashion statements. All you need to do is think differently without being judgemental and stereotypical. Push the boundaries and give men’s fashion a new makeover by reusing hidden gems lying in your mother’s wardrobe.

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