Stunning Office Fashion For Women Who Know How To Balance Work And Style With Glee

Stunning Office Fashion For Women Who Know How To Balance Work And Style With Glee

Can anything be sexier than a smart and sophisticated woman who wears her corporate attire as a proud armour as she takes the final call concerning official affairs! We bet not and that is why power dressing has evolved into a global phenomenon which is being harnessed to the maximum extent by designers. Gone are the days when the corporate wardrobe of women was limited to boring color palettes and same old cuts. The fashion bug has spread like a viral fever and corporate sector also couldn’t stay protected from the same. So, before getting into any further discussion, let us take a look at our stylist approved tips of power dressing at the workplace.

A classic look serves as one of the easiest ways of dressing for work irrespective of the job you wish to undertake. However, it is also infamous for tagging along an air of boredom unless you add a funky statement piece to your look in the form of a bag, jewellery, shoes, watch or even fashion for women

The casual business office look basically translates into jeans office wear and should always be paired up with a feminine yet smart top, a blazer and a professional-looking bag. You are also free to experiment with shoes and other accessories depending on the nature of your job.

A careless chic look is for the ladies having a thorough penchant for fashion. The biggest USP of this street-style-worthy look is that it clashes various style items and plays with shapes by placing slouchy against fitted as well as looks such as feminine against masculine. Although heels look best when paired up with such a style, oxfords or brogues can also seal the deal for you.

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Glamorous outfit ideas are for those divas who wish to stay at the top tier of their style game even when working late-nights to meet deadlines. Such attires when paired up with sky high heels and bright lips can keep your back even when you decide to go for a dinner cocktail with your date post office hours. These feisty ladies are not afraid of flaunting pencil skirts, rich fabrics, expensive perfumes, silky blouses, statement golden necklaces, long trousers, massive bags and branded watches which radiate a premium aura in regards to their personality.



You can make heads turn with your sophisticated office wears which can be perfected over time coupled with adequate training. But for nailing this look in style you need to clash styles and wear at least one statement piece. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to opt for a classy look as the base and gradually add items in accordance with your job role and personality. You can take inspiration from the opposite gender for dressing up like a girl boss who sports luxe sweatshirts along with classy pencil skirts, super sexy heels and massive bling accessories. Your main aim here should be to experiment with prints, sheer, leather and denim which are usually branded as work inappropriate by non-connoisseurs since at the end of the day fashion is about breaking boundaries with out-of-the-box style.

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If you are a woman who loves to keep it soft and feminine in the form of tiny jewellery and flowy flirty dresses, then you can opt for this easy peasy look where hemline has a big role to play. You can either keep it up to the knee-length or drag it up to your calf muscles in skirts or dresses belonging to an array of prints and colors. These can be paired up with smart blazers and pointed heels for dressing up with panache.

An edgy office look is definitely not for the faint hearted as it might not look appropriate in all work domains. However, you can easily add in a slight edge to a simple look and get away with it if your heart yearns for the same. This style is best suited for those who are working in creative fields having less strict office dress code. Thus, they can add in their own imagination while dressing up for work in leather, boots, t-shirts, nail-art, darker lips and even tennis shoes.

At times, it does become difficult to blend in class and sophistication in the same frame. But our awesome compilation of business looks is bound to keep you satiated especially if you have to attend tonnes of meetings throughout the day. Apart from putting a smile on your face, these work appropriate looks available in an array of chic layers and beautiful silhouettes can also portray your glamorous persona like none other.

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