Summer Essentials For Men For A Road Tour To The Next-door Beach

Summer Essentials For Men For A Road Tour To The Next-door Beach

Summertime is about the beach madness, a sudden plan to hit the roads for an entertaining and exotic affair at the beach with your closest pals. It’s that time of the year when you ditch away stress, hurry, work and a monotonous life, you become your original self to add good notes to your memory book, which can be cherished for years to come and then again be planned to enjoy once more.

Beach isn’t just about the fun, it’s so much more about the things you follow before you have fun. You are to feel relaxed but don’t put up a relaxed attitude when you pack your bags before you leave.

Listed below are a few essentials which are a must have when you are leaving to hit the beach: –

* A water proof tote: Just to accommodate all the essentials you need a good bag that can carry all the other things, a bag that is easy to carry, comes with pockets to keep your valuables, a bag that is very much water resistant so that things kept inside are safe and also the one which looks very much stylish as well.Men's Summer Essentials Clothing

* Comfortable Footwear: A slide which is comfortable for walking around the beach, water resistant so that you have the gear and is equally light weighted and looks cool with your outfit.

* Sunglasses: You can choose one of your classic shades to rock the look among your friends, choose the one which protects you from the harmful UV rays making you look fresh. You can also choose a travel friendly shade, the ones which are easily foldable and do not stretch or develop scratches while you enjoy out on the beach.

* Blanket and Umbrella: This is not a blanket you use to cover yourself during winters, these are the blankets been used to shield you from the warm sand. Carry this in your beach bag and they are water proof and easy to fold, also available for solo use.

Umbrella is a must, that too a huge one to save your group of friends from the sun rays, where you guys enjoy a card game in the shed. Opt for the one which can be folded up and is easy to carry.

* Sunscreen that is Sweat-proof: Keeping care of your skin is not that much of a task, it is a necessity, both for men and women. And for men who sweat a lot, a Sweat-proof Sunscreen is a must, the one which comes with SPF 45 and is fast absorbing, it will protect your skin, will make it oil free and nourish it.

* Hair Sprays: Take one naturally developed hair spray in your bag for when your hair has absorbed all the sea salt and is wet and has become unruly. It’s not just about your hair but also your scalp that needs nourishment. Choose one UV filter hair spray that will protect your beach hair and salty scalp.Mens Summer Fashion Essentials

* Sand Remover: There are sand removing powders available at so many stores in the market, for men, one needs to get rid of the sand that has stuck to your muscular body after the beach enjoyment session.

* Lip Balm: Who said lip balms are for girls and women, they are for everybody, it just isn’t a women’s lip that is sensitive, lips are a sensitive organ be it of a man or a woman. A lip needs extra care when you are hitting the beach. Moisturise your lips with natural or herbal lip balm that has SPF 15 and Vitamin E, so that it protects your soft lips from the sun and the beach water.

* BKR Water Bottle: These water bottles have been only designed to be carried around the beach, and are very much environment friendly. Instead of using a plastic bottle which you dump on the beach, use this and the marine wildlife and sea birds will be thankful to you. And after all, keeping yourself hydrated is very much important.

* Games or a Book: You can always carry a football or a volleyball to the beach, when you have a bunch of equally interested friends with you.

Nothing matches the time you relentlessly spend reading a good book while you let your body absorb the heat and have some tan.

* Tan Remover: Definitely you want to have tanned body to make others believe of your exotic vacation at the beach. But at some point, you also need to get rid of the tan from your body, and then you need a tan remover. Apply it after you are done absorbing the sun rays and tans are sure to fade away.

You should honestly enjoy being the lazy beach bum but don’t look like one or act like one. Make this short trip to the beach a functional and entertaining affair.

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