The Hottest Men’s Fashion Trends You Need To Try Out This Year

The Hottest Men’s Fashion Trends You Need To Try Out This Year

Brand new runaway trends showcased in style by models and B-town celebs might bleed our wallets profusely if we wish to alter our wardrobe every single year. But the best thing about 2018 style is that an array of trends has been spilled over from the 2017 scenes which is bound to come in as a breather for the shoppers running on a tight budget. We have brought together some of the topmost style mantras as revealed by the industry’s top insiders to help you make the most out of last year’s investments in style.

Wide-Leg Trousers – Lose cuts and relaxed shapes have made their presence felt big time on hoodies, coats or trousers be it in runways or mainstream fashion. Denims can serve as your ultimate salvation in the world of wider fits. men's fashion trendsYou can try a black jean or rugged dark selvedge along with brogue boots and a chunky turn-up. Opting for something with weight such as a wool-mix can also help you in nailing a smart yet casual look.

Statement Camels – This colour can keep your back throughout the year irrespective of the occasion. The rich and warm shades of brown can appear strikingly stylish when worn from head-to-toe. But make sure that some variance is there in the tone for breaking up the look. If you wish to wear just one statement camel piece, then you can proceed with a tailored coat and pair it up with simple designs and neutral color such as blue jeans, white shirt and sneakers.

1970s Style – The timeless style of seventies has been staying alive in menswear fashion and 2018 saw this trend creating a rage in fashion circuits. Forget platform shoes and disco hair to usher in corduroy, roll necks, silk shirts, patterned knitwear and wide lapels. You can easily borrow your father’s yellow or brown flared pants and pair it up with roll-neck sweaters or suede shirts for the upcoming party. This trend can serve as the perfect pick for those who wish to make a bold style statement. You can even sport this trend by adding a 70s piece to an otherwise modern outfit in a subtle manner.

Oversized Silhouettes – You need to strike the right balance while dressing in oversized silhouettes so that you don’t end up looking sloppy or as if you are confused about your dress size. It is imperative to ensure that your oversized look is smart and you can attain the same by opting for sophisticated styles and high-quality fabrics.

Vertical Stripes – Just like checks, it is hard to think of a time when stripes went out of fashion! Thus, any investment in the same is bound to provide you with wholesome dividends. Vertical stripes have ushered in a fresh trend in comparison to their horizontal sisters. They can lend an attractive look to even the most basic of outfits which can help you in toggling between both subtle and bold looks. While thick stripes having contrasting colors can help you in nailing a bold look, thinner lines of neutral or soft tones can be the perfect pick for proceeding with a subdued style.

Turtleneck Suits – You can keep your tailored look in sync with changing fashion by pairing it accordingly. Thus, you can swap your same old shirt with a turtleneck sweater as the mercury drops. You can even nail an incredibly sleek and stylish look by combining a turtleneck with a smart suit.

Military Men – This trend combines utilitarian designs and practical pieces by merging the best of both worlds in terms of style and functionality. For sporting it in 2018, you should stick to shades of brown, beige, khaki and army green. Coming to designs, opt for army-style garments having large pockets and simple fastenings. You can complete your look with a shearling-line aviator jacket and enjoy all the adulteration of girls swooning over your kickass style.

Retro Sportswear – Sportswear has taken the shape of one of the biggest menswear trends over the past couple of years. You can stock up your wardrobe with two-piece tracksuits, drawstring trousers in luxury fabrics and zip-up nylon jumpers and complete the look with a vintage leather bomber to pave the way for an ultimate sartorial statement.

Colored Tailoring – Add lighter hues to your wardrobe by taking inspiration from Mark Ronson and Harry Styles who have been painting the town in exquisite shades of burgundy, teal and even pink.

Vintage Checks – Although vintage checks were the exclusive property of womens wear until the end of 2017, it marked its entry in the field of menswear fashion from early 2018. Coming to present times, it can be seen in everything ranging from caps to jackets. You can rock this look by starting out with a statement checked garment like a blazer or coat and adding a matching piece such as a hat, bag or pants.

Cuban Collars – You can team up your Cuban collar shirt with a leather jacket and slim-fit jeans to usher in a rock ‘n’ roll update of this old-school classic. Opt for the ones which come in linen or cotton so that you can stay comfortable even during a hot summer afternoon. These collars are particularly recommended if you have narrow shoulders as it can broaden up your stature instantaneously.

So, what are you waiting for? Take strong cues from the past and blend it with of-the-moment elements for stunning everyone with your enviable fashion.

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