The Secrets Of Being Effortlessly Stylish – As Revealed By The Timeless Divas

The Secrets Of Being Effortlessly Stylish – As Revealed By The Timeless Divas

Men want to take them out on a date and fellow women just can’t stop gaping at their exquisite style statemenats. Yes, we are talking about super stylish women who know how to turn heads with even the simplest of attires that they wear in the classiest of fashion. Today we are going to take you through the style tips shared by these true-blue divas which can take your fashion game to a whole new level.

Given our constant juggle between family and career, it might seem extremely difficult to step out in style time and again as we can rarely manage to secure much time for ourselves. But the good news here is that you can put-together a classic look much like the elegant divas by making some minor alterations here and there which sure won’t bother your daily schedule much.

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* The super stylish ladies have a flair for picking up something cool from every store they step in to whether it is a flea market, vintage shop or online portals. The main reason behind this is that they can nonchalantly walk into any store and pick out the attires which look best on them.

* Just like the different seasons of a year, our style also needs to vary with our changing mood and tastes. Stylish women are well aware of the same. They understand that the only thing which shines brighter than a vivacious yellow cardigan is the personality of the one wearing the same which gets channelized in their everyday style statements.

* Street style can serve as a potent source of inspiration. But stylish women know very well when to follow the same as something which a B-town celebrity is sporting at a red carpet event might not actually look good on them. Hence, in spite of being inspired by others, these style divas do not completely copy the style statistics of others.

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* One of the best things about these badass style goddesses is that they dress to celebrate fashion rather than for impressing anyone or for fitting into a certain occasion. At the end of the day, if you are comfortable in your attire, then the same shall ooze out as confidence and style from your body language.

* Don’t we all dream to have a closet stocked with designer labels? But these stylish women can look equally elegant wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a black tee as it is more about your attitude rather than the label you are wearing.

* These free-spirited lasses dress for themselves and to have fun. They are not afraid of breaking trends and shocking the fashion police if they feel that it is the right thing to do. If they are not comfortable with a particular trend, then they make sure not to follow the same irrespective of the attention devoted to it by fashion magazines.

* Accessories can have a big role to play in making or breaking our entire look. The stylish divas are well aware of this fact which is evident from their careful mix and match of the same which can turn even the most boring tops into a highly fashionable statement pieces.

* Less is always more when it comes to creating timeless looks. The fashion divas understand this very well and thus always opt for a look which is a little bit “less done.” You can easily spot them out in a room filled with women styling chic and elegant hairstyle as the one rocking a messy bun and passing with flying colors.

* They rely a lot on classic staples as these are a few things which never go out of style. You can take the example of polka dots, statement pearls, cashmere sweater or even a plain red lipstick which can never betray you when it comes to creating million-dollar looks time and again.

* These divas understand the true importance of shoes in completing their look which is why they make sure to have plenty of them stacked away in their shoe closet. Apart from showing off their personality in a radiant manner, shoes can also spice up a mundane outfit magnanimously.

* One of the basic style principles these fashionistas swear by is to plan in advance so that sudden meetings and appointments don’t catch them off guard. You can compare it with a week’s meal planning on a Sunday so that you don’t end up consuming more calories than what is intended.

* Basic garments can lay the foundation of a high-end style statement. So, rather than throwing it away, fashion forward ladies learn how to mix and match the same for creating timeless looks. You can take the example of skinny jeans, a white button-up shirt and flashy red stilettoes. They might not be able to draw in much attention independently but can definitely create a bombastic element when merged together.

* Every stylish lady needs to be the proud owner of at least one conversation piece which can create the desired “wow” factor be it a pair of over-the-knee boots, vintage bag or a cocktail dress which can come to your aid especially on those days when you wish to come up with some out of the box style statement.

* Fashionable ladies are always prepared for the worst be it a sandal-induced blister, stain or a snag. You can find small sewing kits, band aids and other essentials in their bag which can keep their style game going strong throughout the day.

* Stylish women know very well that appropriate undergarments are an absolute must for channelling out their classic styles. They never fail to carry out a quick mirror scan before stepping out to take the world by storm.

Some people are born with a special eye for style as they manage to look chic in even the lamest of outfits whether it is an old tracksuit or pink sandals. Style does come as an inherent gift to many who do not need to put in any further effort for ranking high in the fashion game. But for the rest of common mortals like you and me, there lies a certain set of secrets as revealed by these style divas which is bound to take your style game to a whole new level.

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