Things To Keep In Mind While Splurging Your Kitty On Apparels

Things To Keep In Mind While Splurging Your Kitty On Apparels

Don’t we all love to be the center of attraction wherever we go? The clothes we wear has a big role to play in making or breaking our entire look. Today we will take a look at some of the most important considerations which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing garments:


While purchasing clothes, colors can serve as one of the most critical factors since it should be in sync with our skin tone. Colors can elevate your personality and mood. People usually wear bright colors to signify celebrations whereas dark hues personify sombre occasions. purchasing clothesSome might look exceptionally good on you as it accentuates your best features such as hair or eyes. You should stick to dark and dull colors if you wish to hide your bulges and look slimmer. Bright and warm colors should be worn by people having a small frame so that they look bigger. Clothes painted with light hues can illuminate your skin tone while the ones having contrasting shades can snatch away inches from your frame.


This is another critical factor to consider while purchasing clothes since all clothes come with various patterns and lines each depicting a different set of things and visual impressions. Clothes having vertical lines can make you look thinner and smaller while the ones with horizontal stripes are infamous for making you look wider and shorter. Clothes with diagonal lines can either make you look short or tall and wide depending upon the length and angle. You should opt for lines which are in harmony with your personality and body structure.


Knowing your audience can prove to be extremely helpful while purchasing an outfit as you don’t want to enter your office looking like a Malibu Barbie. You might be required to change your clothing style in accordance with the type of organisation or situation you are about to encounter. Being dressed appropriately for the occasion can help you in leaving a long-lasting impact on the mind of your audience.


Evaluating the texture of fabric used is extremely important while purchasing clothes. Whether it is soft, comfortable or pleasing to one’s eyes are some important pointers which you need to address here. The impression created by texture can be well understood by our sense of sight and touch. A dull fabric for example can make you look smaller whereas bulky fabrics make you look heavier.


People often inspect every inch of the clothes purchased in search of damage or defects. It is imperative to consider quality aspects comprising of even seam allowance, correctly placed darts and small machine stitches while buying clothes. You should also ensure that the buttons and holes are evenly spaced and properly knitted. All these minute details have a big role to play in enhancing the durability and attractiveness of clothes.


Your clothes need to be in harmony with the season so that you don’t end up sweating profusely during the summer months or shivering during winter. You are bound to come across season specific clothes in the market if you wish to stock up your wardrobe with the same. Light-colored and loose-fitting clothes make us feel comfortable during the summer months whereas wind breakers, jackets or similar warm hoodies serve as the ideal pick during winter months.

When it comes to selecting clothes, different people have different preferences. At the end of the day you should be comfortable in what you are wearing as that is the only way in which you can ooze out confidence in even the simplest of garments.

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