7 Things You Need To Consider When Buying Women’s Office Shoes

7 Things You Need To Consider When Buying Women’s Office Shoes

Whenever it comes to buying office shoes for women, the large number of option often make it difficult to take the final call. Women have an inherent tendency of buying everything in excess from what they actually require. They tend to have closets overflowing with shoes of various kinds ranging from party wear to casual ones.

But amidst all this, ladies often forget about corporate wear. Their indomitable eagerness to have every pair of shoe stacked up in the closet makes it difficult to decide upon the occasion they would cater to. These shoes in most of the cases cannot be comfortably worn to office as they have either narrow ends or extremely high heels.

While preparing for office, it is extremely important for ladies to dress in such a manner which can project a professional image. Although we give a lot more importance to our apparel choice over shoe selection, the latter holds the potential of either making or breaking our entire look.

All shoes cannot be deemed appropriate for being worn at work environment and this is why women’s office shoes need to be chosen after proper consideration. More than looks, it becomes important to opt for a pair of shoe which can keep your feet healthy as one wrong choice can inflict heavy damage on your spine, knee and foot.

Today, we are going to discuss about the most important things to consider while purchasing office shoes for women so that you can put the best foot forward by blending style with functionality.


With normal working hours ranging up to 8 hours daily, women should primarily consider something which keeps them comfortable during this time. An office shoe having adequate cushioning can keep their foot guarded from the strain while inflicting less pressure on their foot muscles.

comfortable shoes for women

Having the right fit is also very important to have happy feet during your work hours. Too small or too large shoes are infamous for creating shoe bites, blisters and can even cram your toes. Women having broad feet should stay away from leaner shoes. They should opt for the wide toed ones which can provide the requisite space for your feet to stay relaxed.

The ideal office shoes for women are the ones which allow free movement with at least one inch of space in between the shoe’s toe box and your big toe.

While deciding on the correct width of your office wear, it is advisable to settle for the ones in which your ankles and heels do not rub against the insides.

Heel Length

Women’s office shoes should ideally have as less heels as possible. However, if you feel it is absolutely impossible for you to enter your work premises without a heeled option, then go ahead with the 2-inch kitten heels.

The best thing about kitten heels is that they can buffer you from the obvious discomfort while adding to the elegance of your corporate outfits. Increasing the heel size will simply add up to your discomfort meter and eventually lead to grievous health issues.

Heel Length

You can also proceed with wedge heels for balancing out the excess pressure on your foot in an even manner. You can walk around a little bit for examining whether the shoe is holding your feet too tight. Your choice of office shoes for women is definitely wrong if constant pressure is being inflicted on your toes while walking.


Shoes having ankle straps are infamous for causing pain, especially when worn over a long stretch of time. Glittery shoes and the ones having eye-catching accessories attached to them are best suited for attending parties.


Although women have an inherent affinity towards all vibrantly hued accessories, it is advisable to keep it low key in an office setting. Grey, black, navy blue and brown are the best colors for being worn in office setups. Women’s office shoes in shades of cream or white can also look pretty sophisticated especially when teamed up with a white pin-striped suit.

Other bright colors like green, red and yellow are a strict no-no in office setups unless you are dressing for a special occasion.


It is advisable to invest in at least two pair of work shoes such as kitten heels, flats and wedge heels which can serve you well on a daily basis. You can also keep a pair of pumps and oxfords handy for being used occasionally.


While purchasing your office footwear, you should specifically avoid pointed toe shoes as they tend to cram your feet. High-quality material is always advocated both by fashion and health specialists even if they momentarily seem bulkier on your pocket. Your shoe should only bend at the ball of the foot. In spite of having a firm mid-sole, it needs to be well-braced for absorbing the shock.


There is simply no point in purchasing office shoes for women which cannot sustain heavy duty usage and start falling apart from the next day itself. Leather stands out as the best choice in terms of durability although it might be a bit pricier than its peers.


Tips for women office shoes state that irrespective of the aesthetic appeal, the ultimate choice of your shoe needs to be determined by whether or not it fits you well.

You can ensure that the shoe is perfect if you don’t face any difficulty while walking in the same.

While purchasing your office shoes from a brick and mortar shop, you should wear your socks while trying them out. This can provide you with a good idea on the shoe fittings.

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