Tips to Find the Best Sexy Plus Size Dresses For Women

Tips to Find the Best Sexy Plus Size Dresses For Women

Just because you are bigger and have a curve body does not mean that you can’t look sexy. Hiding your curves is not the solution when you can embrace and flaunt your fuller figure with the perfect dress designed for plus size women.

It does not mean that women with plus size have to compromise with the latest trends. They too have plenty of dresses in varied designs, styles, colors, and prices designed by different brands. Sexy dresses are worn for parties, celebrations, and events. So, choosing a perfect dress to lessen your curves is as important as to look sexy in your outfit.

Finding the right sexy plus size dresses requires a slightly different approach than ordinary size.

Plus Size Dresses

Before moving further to the different types of plus size dresses according to body types, let’s discuss few points that need to be taken into account when looking for the best sexy plus size dresses as per your body type, preferences and budget.

Few Points to Consider When Choosing the Right Sexy plus Size Dress for you

Know your size first

If you prefer online shopping as the best way to find sexy plus size dresses, make sure to establish your size requirements. It is essential as you cannot try any dress when shopping online. In order to avoid any hassle and frustration of returning the dress with improper fitting, it is better to know your size first.

Plus Size Body Measurements

Almost all online stores provide measurements along with the details of the dresses. If you know your bust, waist and hips measurements, you can pick the right dress with great ease.

Be Comfortable with what you wear

A woman with curves looks perfect in plus size dresses when she knows how to carry it decently. You might hear a statement that ‘Dress does not make a woman; A woman makes the dress’. It reflects the overall appearance of a woman. It means if you feel comfortable in what you wear, you have achieved the solution to look elegant in your curves.

Looks Perfect in Plus Size Dresses

Confidence is another key to embrace your curves. So, make sure to try it on your body before making any final purchase from the offline store. It should not be too tight or too loose. Get the one which you can wear comfortably with great confidence.

Select Rich Hue Colors

Looking for sexy plus size dresses does not mean settling for dull colors just because you have curves. No doubt, black dress is always taken as a sexy dress for plus size women. But, sometimes wearing color can add more excitement to your overall appearance.

Rich Color Plus Size Clothes

Selecting richly hued colors such as purple, red, burgundy, blue etc. work perfectly in catching attention to the dress rather than your body parts. Colors can also help in making you appear slim. As compared to dark colors, light/dull colors reflect your body more to the public.

Go with Right Fabrics

It becomes easy to shop when you know how a certain fabric will give you the right look. Choose the fabric that enables you to show off your best features. Fabrics such as satin or heavy materials are great for formal and occasional dresses. If you are looking for wrap dresses, make sure that your chosen dress is wrapped nicely at the waist, but less tight-fitting at the stomach and hips.

Plus Size Formal Dress

Limit your Budget

Before starting looking for sexy plus size dresses, plan your budget so that you can shortlist the dresses available at your affordable price range. Never go out of your budget when you have a huge collection of dresses online to meet your needs within your price.

Plus Size Budget Clothes

Do not stop finding the most appropriate sexy dress until you get the one which is most appealing to you.

Types of Sexy plus Size Dresses for Women

Here, we are going to share a few types of plus size dresses that can be chosen based on your body type. Go through and find your actual body type along with recommended types of dresses that looks perfect on your curved body.

Plus Size Body Type

Body-Hugging Dresses

Women with Hourglass body type have fuller hip and busts with a naturally slimmer waist. So, to give shape to your body, you can go for sexy, body-hugging dresses designed especially for plus size women.

V-neck Dresses

Women with busty body type have large measurement across the breasts with curvy and small-sized hips and midsection. Such women can wear deep V-neck shape dresses to show the cleavage for sexy look. Even a small V-neck can elongate the neckline of the busty body shaped women.

Short Sheath Dresses

Women with apple body shape have a wide measurement in the middle with slimmer shoulders, hips, and legs. Such type of dresses looks amazingly on your plus size body along with bringing attention to your slim legs.

A-line Dresses

Women with pear shape body have wider hips and butts due to which this body type is considered as the classic plus size shape. A-line dresses give support around your largest measurements. You can choose knee-length or floor-length dresses as per your choice.

High Neck Dresses

Women with rectangle body shape have no defined curves as there is not much difference between their bust, waist, and hips. High neck dresses are great to draw the attention.

Flared Dresses

Women with carrot body type have wider shoulders and slimmer legs. They are recommended to choose flared dresses to give more volume to their lower body.


Always remember, no matter what you wear, you can transform your overall look if you have the right attitude.

Obviously, when you wear a dress you love, you will feel strength and confidence in yourself to face the world that stares oversized women as different people. If you are confident, others will not only notice your dress but your beauty as well.

Hopefully, this article will not only guide to pick the perfect and stylish sexy plus size dresses but also help you to gain the confidence in your clothing style.

Simply put on the dress and conquer the world with your elegant and sexy appearance.

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